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2017-2018 Counselor Report

Parent Tips for Students

Tips for your Student’s Success track of how the child is doing in school. This will help you stay aware of the child’s academic progress, identify any issues or concerns, and show the child that you take an active interest in his/her education.


Here are some things you should do to keep track of how the child is doing in school:

  • Review the child’s report cards

  • Review the child’s progress reports or mid-term reports.

  • Schedule and attend meetings with the child’s teacher

  • Access the child’s grades, attendance records, and other information through Powerschool.


Make sure that the child completes all homework and is prepared for school every day.


Here are some helpful strategies:

  • Check the child’s backpack/binder every day after school to see if he/she has any homework assignments (or, for an older child, ask if he/she has any homework assignments).

  • Find a spot where the child can sit and do homework without distractions.

  • Set a time for the child to do homework every day.

  • During homework time, make sure the TV and any other distractions are turned off or put away.

  • Try to find out about the child’s learning style. For example, some children study best with a little background noise or music; others do best with no background noise.

  • Try your best to be consistent about homework routines. This will help the child learn good homework habits.

  • Check the child’s backpack/binder every day before school to make sure he/she has all books and papers needed for school (or, for an older child, remind the child to check).


Help the child stay organized.


Help the child use their planner to keep track of school information, including:

  • Due dates for homework assignments

  • Dates of quizzes and tests

  • Due dates for big projects (like a science fair project or book report)

  • Dates of special school activities, like field trips.

Key Questions to Ask Your Student:

Talk to the child about how things are going at school and what he/she is learning.  

  • What was your favorite thing about school today (or this week)?”

  • “Can you tell me about three things you learned at school today (or this week)?”

  • “Who did you spend time with during recess/lunch today?”


Ask about schoolwork on a daily basis.

  • What subjects do you have homework in tonight?”

  • “Do you have any tests or quizzes coming up?”  

  • “Did you have any tests today (or this week)?”


Ask about his/her interests and goals at school.

  • What subjects do you like the best?”

  • “What subjects do you think are the hardest?  Why are they hardest?”

  • “What subjects do you think are the easiest?  Why are they easiest?”

  • “Can you tell me about three things you learned at school today (or this week)?”


Here are some sample questions you can ask the child’s teacher:

  • “Is ____ keeping up with homework assignments?”

  • “How is ____’s overall progress?”

  • “Are there any subjects that _____ is having a hard time in?”


Keep communication open!

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