Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Criteria for the 2016 - 2017 School Year


Dress Code (Printable Version)


The designated colors for shirts include red (not burgundy), black, white, dark navy (not teal or turquoise), and gray. All shirts must be in a solid color.

Shirts can be short sleeve (not a small cap sleeve) or long sleeve polo style shirts or button up Oxford style which must always include a collar.

Button up Oxford style shirts can be short or long sleeve and must be worn buttoned.

Undershirts (either short, long sleeve, or tank) can be worn under the polo style collared shirt or button up shirt and must also be in the stated designated colors. Undershirts can include turtleneck style.

Polo shirts and button up shirt can include the name of the school or school emblem.

Shirts do not need to be tucked in. However, they cannot be oversized or overly baggy.

Tops can include a small quarter size logo. All shirts must be solid in color with no other designs.

Anaverde Hills T-shirts, long or short sleeve, can be worn on designated spirit days.


The designated colors for sweaters and sweatshirts include red (not burgundy), black, white, dark navy (not teal or turquoise) and gray.

Sweaters that are either zip-up, snap, or button up can be worn over collared shirts in SOLID designated colors and may include small quarter size logo.

Zip-up sweatshirts must be worn over collared shirts in SOLID designated colors and may include a small quarter size logo.

Pull-over sweatshirts must be worn over collared shirts in SOLID designated colors and may include a small quarter size logo.

Sweaters, zip-up jackets, or sweatshirts cannot be overly baggy.

Zip-up sweatshirts can include Anaverde Hills spirit wear.

Blue jean jackets are not permitted.

ALL students are permitted to wear college sweatshirts over a collared shirt.


The designated colors for pants, shorts, capris, skorts, or skirts is khaki (tan), black, gray, or navy blue.

Navy blue pants must be in uniform style, such as Docker or slack style and not jeans.

Khaki (tan), black, or gray pants can be made of denim.

Pants made of stretch knit are not permitted.

Shorts, skirts, and skorts must come to mid-thigh length.

Polo style dresses in designated colors with a sleeve and a collar can be worn and must come to mid-thigh length.

Skirts must be free of tulle and lace.

Shorts under dresses and skirts are recommended for the younger students in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade.

2nd through 8th leggings or tights can only be worn under skorts, polo dresses, or shorts. When leggings are worn under skirts, skorts, shorts, or polo dresses, the minimum length still applies as noted above.

Leggings and tights must be in solid designated colors.

Only kindergarteners and 1st grade may wear leggings as bottoms without shorts, skirts, skorts, or polo dresses.

Bottoms must not be ripped, sagging, frayed, or baggy in style.

Belts are not required. Belts are not recommended for kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Blue jean pants may be worn on Spirit Day Fridays or free dress days only.


Hats, caps, and beanies can include an Anaverde Hills logo and must be solid in color.

The designated colors for hats, caps, and beanies are red, white, gray, navy blue or black.

College style or Anaverde Hills logo style caps or beanies can be worn.

Hats will be permitted in outdoor areas only with the bill facing forward.

Hats and beanies must be removed when indoors.

Heavy jackets and winter mittens/gloves and scarves can be worn in any style and color.


Shoe styles will be defined by the existing School Board policy and the following:

Shoes must be flat and include a heel strap.



The designated colors for socks include black, navy blue, gray, tan, or white in solid colors.

Socks with designs or patterns WILL NOT be allowed.

Jewelry-Modest jewelry is allowed. No dangling or hoop earrings. No body jewelry except for in ears will be allowed. This includes no facial piercings or mid-body piercings (belly button).

Hair Color

Only natural hair colors are allowed.

Unnatural colors such as pink, purple, green, blue, etc. ARE NOT ALLOWED.