4-13 Update to Parents & Community

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Dear Parents and Community Members,

Thank you for your kind comments this past week, whether it was about our IT staff checking and sorting everything or related to our staff engaging with you when you came to the schools.

Many of you enjoyed seeing familiar faces as we handled out materials and devices for your students to use during the coming weeks. I really appreciated the happy faces of our students, their creative posters and pictures of them beginning their work at home. Please know how much those signs of hope mean to us as we continue to address this unprecedented time in our community. I also want to thank our staff members and our PTA/PTSAs for all they are doing to keep up everyone’s spirits. Those efforts reinforce that we are “all in this together,” and together we will create different learning opportunities for our students.

The distribution of Chromebooks to students will be completed shortly. Thank you for getting in your surveys to help make this process as efficient as possible. Throughout this effort, we learned that we have outdated contact information for many students. We appreciate everyone’s assistance in getting more accurate information over the past few weeks, and I hope you are checking out the dialer, email, and website messages that our staff is publishing for your information.

Our principals at Anaverde Hills, Del Sur, Hillview Middle and Joe Walker Middle Schools as well as Westside Academy are still working to address the concerns raised about 8th grade promotion ceremonies. I encourage you to reach out to them via email if you have suggestions for them to consider. Again, these are unusual circumstances and will require patience as we try to find a suitable alternative to celebrate the accomplishment of our students.

Third Quarter Progress Reports were finalized and are now available for you on PowerSchool.

If you need additional assistance with documentation for applications to the 6th grade Honors Academies at Hillview and Joe Walker Middle Schools, please contact your child’s current school staff. Applications are due by April 22nd. The application is available online.

Intradistrict applications for transfers within the District also need to be submitted online. This includes transfers to schools like the IDEA Academy or Gregg Anderson Academy where we anticipate a lottery for available seats. Again, applications are due by April 22nd. This is an extension due to our weeklong closure that occurred March 16th through March 20th.

Some parents have asked when the Chromebooks will need to be returned to the school. We anticipate having an opportunity for you to return those devices beginning in late May. Please remember that the devices will be for student use when school resumes next school year. As such, returning the devices before the end of the school year will allow us to get them ready for their new users. You will receive more specific information about this from your principal.

Again, thank you for your patience, support, cooperation, and understanding as we continue through this school year. Please know that, like you, we are doing our best to help our students complete their school year successfully. Our teachers have been asked to shift their method of instructional delivery, moving from classroom instruction to distance learning in short order. They have done a great job of making this transition, but keep in mind it is a significant change, and everyone is refining their practice as we move forward.

Together we will navigate this change.


Regina L Rossall, Superintendent


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