End of the Year Letter

  • Community and Parents

Dear Westside Parents,

As the school year draws to a close, I want to take a moment to thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support during this unusual final quarter of our school year. When we closed on March 13th we expected that we’d be returning to our sites following our spring break. However, COVID-19 and the pandemic it created did not allow that to happen. I have to commend you, your children, and our staff for making the most out of this unprecedented time. Thank you for your partnership with our staff, making continuation of learning available for each of our students.

In the past weeks, I’ve seen many pictures and comments about the celebrations and activities at our schools that have meant the most to you. Each of our schools participated in a community parade throughout some of our neighborhoods so that both our staff and students could reconnect if only for a few minutes. Many of our schools have had drive-up opportunities to turn in assignments and materials while getting a chance for another visit with the teachers and other staff at the school. This week, we’ve had virtual promotion videos for all of our 8th grade students as well as drive through promotion events just yesterday. Though not the same as our usual ceremonies, our staff members worked exceptionally hard to make them meaningful and celebratory. We are proud of our students who are moving onto high school and the beginning of their secondary education. We are also thankful for teachers, support staff and certainly you, the parents, who have supported and nurtured student progress.

Thank you for all the parents who participated in our survey about school reopening for the 20-21 school year. It is our plan to reopen our schools fully as soon as we are given the clearance by Los Angeles County Public Health and California Department of Health. 38% of our families participated in the survey, and those results are posted on our district website, www.westside.k12.ca.us for your review. The Board of Trustees received a presentation of the information at its most recent meeting, and will continue to consider this and other information in planning for our reopening of school on August 5, 2020. The Board will be considering various ways of reopening our schools at meetings scheduled for June 16 and June 18. As usual agendas will be available for those meetings on the websites. Also, congratulations to the family of Joseph Ornelas (Anaverde Hills) that won the $200 Amazon Gift Card (donated from a community member) from the drawing of those who participated in the survey.

As many of you are aware, the Governor’s May Revise Budget proposed major cuts to education funding, driven by the economic impacts of COVID-19. The Board will be reviewing the budget in its meeting on Saturday, June 6th beginning at 8:00 a.m. This meeting will be accessible in person at Hillview Middle School and attendees must wear face covering and be socially distant while attending the meeting. You may also join through live streaming. The agenda is posted on the District’s website for your information. In addition to determining how to reopen our schools, we must also determine how to fund our schools. Unfortunately, the proposed state budget will result in significant reductions in programs, staff and services.

As for Chromebooks, we are only collecting back the devices of students leaving the District or the school. So 6th graders in a K-6 setting were asked to return their devices as were our promoting 8th graders. We encourage your child you to utilize the device to extend and reinforce learning from this year. Many of our applications are available to your child to use at home, and we hope he/she will take advantage of those programs to limit summer slide. If you are not planning to return to WUSD next school year, please return your device to the school as soon as possible. We appreciate you helping your child take care of this device so that when school reopens it can be returned in good condition for another student in need.

For those of you who applied for transfers to a school other than your home school, those transfers are being completed, and you should receive an email letting you know the status of your request. If you have any concerns about your transfer, please contact us at 661-722-0716 and follow the prompts for enrollment.

Again, thanks for your continued support, cooperation and understanding as we’ve completed the 19-20 school year. We have managed to complete this year is as positive a manner as could be expected, and we remain #WestsideStrong.

I am hopeful that you will enjoy some time away from schoolwork, more time for family bonding, and doing those things that mean the most to your family. Thanks again for all you have done this school year. We are incredibly blessed with engaged families, dedicated staff, and a desire to do our best for our students.



Regina L. Rossall