Letter to Staff (RE: COVID-19)

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Dear Fellow Staff Members,

The continuing issues related to COVID-19 have been rapidly changing. Our guidance in handling this health crisis has primarily come from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Office of Education, and the California Department of Public Health as well as the Center for Disease Control, and the advice has been to follow the direction of LACDPH. This morning the Los Angeles County Office of Education has recommended that all schools in the County close for a period of 2 weeks.

Today, our Board met in emergency session and voted to close our schools from Monday, March 16-20, 2020. Thereafter, we will begin our scheduled Spring Break from March 23-April 3, 2020. Thus, our schools will be closed for most of the next 3 weeks. For next week, essential personnel may be on duty as needed, but for all others, you should not plan to come onto your campus or work site. Your supervisor will notify you if you need to be present for work. For those scheduled to work during spring break, at this point, please plan to return to work. If that changes over the next week, you will be notified. The Board will meet again on Mach 31, 2020, to determine if our schools will reopen on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Currently, considerations are being made in Sacramento for how to handle upcoming events such as assessments, determining chronic absenteeism, 95% participation rate in testing, etc. At this point, I do not know how those things will be handled.

Again, thanks for all you do for our students. You are exceptional in the service you provide and the care that you exercise with each of them. Please remember that during this closure period that you, too, should be staying home, practicing social distancing, follow expected hygiene habits, and keep yourself and your family healthy.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts for students, your patience as we navigate this significant health crisis, and your dedication. You are appreciated; stay safe during the coming weeks.



Gina Rossall


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