March 20 Community Update

March 20, 2020

Good Morning, Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

I know many of you are following the news related to COVID-19 and seeing all of the measures being implemented to help reduce the spread of the disease. Most of you are aware that both the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Governor of California have declared that everyone is to shelter at home, practice social distancing, and to gather only in groups of 10 or less. Most of our local businesses have either closed temporarily, reduced hours of operation, or like our local eateries have gone to a delivery or pick only process. Many of our families are impacted by these closures. Our state, county, school districts, and city agencies have posted websites that may help you in this time of rapid change, and I am hopeful you will check into what is available to aid your family.

At this time, our schools and offices may remain closed for an undetermined amount of time. However, to provide access to educational opportunities and learning, you will find a variety of grade level specific assignments on the District and school websites. This list will be updated as new resources, lessons, and activities become available, and I encourage you to check the sites regularly. It is our hope that students are able to keep current on their instruction for the rest of the school year. The next two weeks are spring break and students are not expected to complete classwork during that time.

The Westside Union School District Board of Trustees has scheduled a special meeting for March 31, 2020, and will address this issue of school closure at that time. Given the new orders from the Governor, the Board will certainly adhere to those directives in their consideration. Following the meeting we will post any new information about school closure for your information and planning. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this health crisis.

Some parents have asked about enrollment and transfers. Enrollment and transfer processes are now available online through the District website The short appointment time needed with you to complete the enrollment packet will be scheduled once the current health restrictions are lifted.

One of the changes Governor Newsom announced recently is that our annual state assessments for students have been cancelled for this school year. That will apply for this school year, whether or not schools reopen.

Just another reminder about maintaining the health of your family:

·      Practice diligent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after eating, after using the restroom, before and after touching your face. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 50-75%

·      Cover your cough with a tissue when possible

·      Stay home when you are not feeling well, consult your physician as needed

·      Practice social distancing, staying 6 feet away from others, not gathering in groups larger than 10

·      Shelter in place at home

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we all work through this crisis together. It is our hope that you and your family remain healthy and safe.


Regina Rossall, Superintendent