Q&A from Advisory Collaborative Groups - August 25

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Distance Learning

Can parents change their mind between Home Schooling, Independent Study, and On-Site Instruction? 
That would depend on circumstances.  Please contact site administrators for further guidance.

Is book work an option for students that don’t have internet access or have poor internet access?
Full participation in the distance learning program includes daily live interaction between students, their peers, and teachers.  Students that are not participating to the greatest extent possible during live instruction may be at risk for falling behind.  Students in homes without internet service may be eligible to receive a hotspot.  In some situations, packet or book work may be an option for students who have difficulty connecting online.  For these students, independent study may also be considered.

State Testing

With the Dashboard on hold, is state testing also on hold for this year?
State testing has been partially cancelled and some dates have been pushed back.  
The fall 2020 Dashboard will not be available due to the cancellation of state assessments, both the SBAC and the ELPAC, and school closures.  The SBAC and the Summative ELPAC are scheduled in the spring of 2021.  There is an optional Summative ELPAC window that has reopened until October 30.  Students that did not finish an incomplete 2020 Summative ELPAC and/or students that are close to reclassification will be able to complete the 2020 Summative ELPAC.  The Summative ELPAC is one criteria needed for an English learner to reclassify, which is why this option is temporarily available.  The district is awaiting protocols for providing the assessments to English learners either remotely or through a co-located option.

School Lunches

Can students pick up a lunch at a location that is closer to them?
Currently students can pick-up lunch at any school sites, as all sites are providing meals for children 18 and under regardless of their enrollment status.

Do students who should be online in class need to travel with their parents to pick up lunches?
Parents may pick-up meals whether or not their student(s) is present with them.  They also can pick-up meals from any public school in the area including the high school district.

Is there a way for all student lunches to coincide with the time lunch is served between 11:00 and 12:00 instead of it being staggered?
At this time meals are consistent across the district, but as we address staffing concerns we will look to expand our current serving times.

Can other parents or friends pick up meals to help those with multiple children?
Through the first semester meals can be picked up without any information provided.  If it will be for several students, please make arrangements with the child nutrition department.  Child Nutrition Director Nancy Hemstreet can be reached at email address: n.hemstreet@westside.k12.ca.us

State/District Education Budget

Which programs may be cut?
That would depend on circumstances and decisions made by the Westside Union Board and would likely be dictated based on the current financial concerns of the district due to the impact from COVID-19.    

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