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Dear Westside Parents, Community Members and Staff,


We are nearing completion of our 3rd week of school and what an adventure this past week has been.  Many of us have never been through a tropical storm before, so the early part of the week provided some new experiences. Fortunately, though the weather was drastic, it was not exactly what had been forecasted, especially the high winds.  However, our streets and roads seemed to have gotten the bulk of the damage, and because of that and the uncertainty of the weather late Sunday night, it was determined to close our schools for the safety of all concerned.  Monday provided an opportunity for our staff members to visit all of our schools, classrooms and other facilities to evaluate the extent of damage sustained in the storm.  Fortunately, most of our schools sustained minor damage, ceiling tiles, wet carpets and other leaks which could be repaired so that school could resume on Tuesday.  Your patience and understanding about the need to close the schools was definitely appreciated.  Thank you so much, and special thanks to our staff members whose work made it possible to reopen our schools so quickly. 


As happens almost every year, our student enrollment in the late spring provides us with the staffing formulas for our classrooms that will open in the new school year.  For most of the schools, that data was accurate.  However, there are several schools where the number of students expected at a grade level was more or less than anticipated, creating an imbalance in class sizes.   This imbalance requires us to re-examine our class configurations and level the classes.  During the end of this week and the coming week, each school principal will be notifying families and teachers if class changes will be necessary.   We are so sorry to have to rebalance classes, but we are working to keep that to a minimum.  In some cases classes may be collapsed, in other cases classes are being added.  We had structured our classes to eliminate as many combination classes (a classroom with more than one grade level) as possible, but with the change in enrollment combination classes may be added.  Again, your patience and understanding is appreciated. 


Most schools have now held their Back to School Night Programs, and we appreciate the great attendance from parents and students at each one.  We hope that the chance for parents to meet the teacher and for the teachers to get acquainted with the parents makes for the beginning of successful communication for the school year.  Thanks to our teachers and other staff members for providing a wonderful evening to learn about our schools. 


After school care is available for up to 3 hours at each of our K-6 schools. This service is provided at no cost to most parents.  Please check with your school staff if you are interested in being part of this program.  The Boys & Girls Club of Antelope Valley is providing this afterschool program. 


Please mark your calendars for Monday, September 5th, Labor Day.  Our schools and offices will be closed for that holiday.  Enjoy the time with your family. 


Don’t forget to join your local PTA/PTSA.  These organizations provide many activities at each of schools that support our students’ classroom learning. 


Staff members, please drop by the District Health/Wellness Fair being held in the Multi-purpose Room at Joe Walker Middle School.  Vendors will be available to assist you with many services and some door prizes will be given.  Please plan to attend the event on Monday, August 28th following the end of the school day-4 p.m.


Enjoy your weekend, and thank you for your continuing support of our schools. 



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