Superintendent's Summary - February 10th, 2021

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Dear Westside Parents and Community Members,

It is hard to believe that we are already in the 2nd month of 2021.  The beautiful weather we’ve had lately hardly seems like the middle of winter, but indeed here we are.  We are also beginning to see some welcome reductions in the number of COVID-19 cases and related data, more vaccinations available, and hope that we will be able to reopen our schools for some face-to-face instruction.  

Many of you are aware that school districts in California were required to again revise their reopening plans and submit those revised plans to the California Department of Health.  Our revised plan was submitted on January 29th, and we have been awaiting approval or recommendations for revisions at this time.  You will find the revised plans for each school in our District on the website.  Thanks to our COVID Team for their diligent work in continuing to monitor and make revisions as required to our plans so we can continue on the path to reopening.

The WUSD Board previously determined that the students most significantly in need of face-to-face instruction were our TK-6th grade students in mild/moderate special day classes and our youngest learners who were in hybrid TK/K, and in one instance a small hybrid K/1 class.  As of today, since we did not receive any feedback regarding our revised plans, it is assumed to be approved, and we are moving forward with the plan to have these cohorts return to school.  The TK-6th grade students in mild/moderate special day classes will return February 16th and the TK/K cohorts will return on February 22nd.    

Each of our school sites will be distributing information to those cohorts returning to school about the drop off and pick up process, the school schedule, class assignments, dress requirements and any other specific details that will help our students return safely.  Since each school will have specific directions, please be sure to direct questions to the staff at that site.  

As we prepare for some students to return to school, parents will receive information about the new system for daily check-in which is currently required.  You will find information about that system and directions for using it on the website.  You will also find a video to help you with setting up the system either on your phone or on another device.  It is our hope that this will speed up checking students into school each day.  TK/K students who will be returning to school on February 22nd will be instructed to begin using this check-in system beginning on February 16th so that when they do return to campus moving into the classroom will be as smooth as possible.  Your cooperation in working with the school site staff to resolve any issues with this new system will be greatly appreciated.  

As always, safety of our students and staff is our primary concern, and we continue to monitor the case positivity rate in Los Angeles County which has continued to drop recently.  Once that rate drops below 25 per 100,000, additional plans to systematically allow for our students to return to some face-to-face instruction may be allowed by LACDPH and CDPH.  As our sites prepare for next steps, staff will reach out to determine which families may wish to return to campus and how many may wish to remain on distance learning for the remainder of the 20-21 school year.  It is our hope that we can accommodate the needs of each family, while still complying with directions and guidance from the public health departments.  

Some additional changes that have been made to facilitate reopening schools include the addition of 654 GPS ionizers to all HVAC units district-wide.  These ionizers kill 99% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses, and are Underwriter’s Laboratories certified to deliver clean indoor air that is safe and healthy.  They produce neither ozone nor other harmful by-products, and will increase filtration effectiveness against pathogens by over 600%. This is one of the many steps implemented to ensure the safety of our students and staff as they return to the school site.  

Monday, February 15th is Presidents Day.  Our schools will be closed for that day, but it is another opportunity for our students to discover more about our presidents and their role in the government of our country.  Thank you for taking time to talk to your child about this holiday.

The Board of Trustees will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, February 16th with public session beginning at 6 p.m.  Agenda meetings are posted on our website for your information and contain the link to attending the meeting via YouTube.  

Thank you again for your cooperation and patience.  We are truly grateful for all that you have done to keep your children engaged in instruction and continuing to progress academically.  Our staff is looking forward to having students back on the school campus.  


Regina L. Rossall

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