Superintendent’s Summary - Spring Break, Elementary and Middle School Reopenings

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Dear Westside Parents and Community Members,

With spring break starting today, I hope that you and your family will relax and enjoy the time away from school. As you are away, we will continue to work on having our students able to return for in-person lessons. Today, the Board of Trustees approved a Memoranda of Understanding with our teachers’ union that will see our middle school students return to campus beginning April 12, 2021. Surveys were sent to each family the week prior to spring break so that the principals had parents’ feedback about returning to school.

Middle school students will return to the campus two days per week, Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday. On the two days students are not in-person, the teacher will provide options for completing work either asynchronously or by having students join the class in session. For example, students in classes on Monday/Tuesday may be joined by students from Wednesday/Thursday classes so all students receive the instruction from the teacher each day. Those not scheduled to be in-person that day will complete their work at home, while those on campus will complete their work in school. Principals will be contacting you to let you know what to expect for each campus and will also let you know the daily schedule. All students will work from home on Fridays. Students who are electing to stay on Distance Learning will likely remain with their same schedule and teachers, but will join the class as determined by the teacher.

Other start dates for students:

  • 3rd grade, April 5th
  • 4th grade, April 7th
  • 5th grade, April 12th
  • Middle School, April 12th
  • 6th grade, April 14th

Transportation may be available for your site beginning April 12th. Please contact your school site office for details.

Negotiations for students in the Functional Skills programs at Hillview and Gregg Anderson will continue, and we are in the process of surveying parents to determine how many students will return for in-person learning.

Thank you for your patience as we’ve continued to work through the process of getting our students back on campus. As you know, we are following recommendations, requirements and guidelines from the California Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and these guidelines change as our communities continue to achieve better health statistics related to COVID-19.

Again, please have an enjoyable spring break, and I will look forward to students returning to campus in April.


Regina L. Rossall


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