Superintendent’s Sunday Summary

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Dear Westside Parents and Community Members,

We seem to be moving slowly into fall. Unfortunately, the heat has continued to make fighting the fires in California difficult, and the smoke has produced unhealthy air quality throughout our state and especially in our Valley. We are grateful for the first responders who are on the front lines battling these fires every day. I know we are all hopeful that they will be able to extinguish the fires soon, and return to their homes and families.

We are approaching the end of our first quarter of the school year, and you should anticipate receiving a progress report for each of your children in the mail following the close of this first quarter on October 9th. Elementary school progress reports will be mailed at the beginning of the week of October 12th. K-8 and Middle School progress reports will be mailed at the end of the same week. If you have any questions about the update on your children’s academic progress, please contact their teacher or school administrator.

This week, voters in our community should receive their ballots for the November 3, 2020 election. Please be sure to exercise your right to vote, and it has been advised that if you are voting by mail, that you return that ballot as soon as possible.

As most of you are aware, it has been reported that President Trump and Mrs. Trump have contracted COVID-19, and they are currently being treated for their illnesses. We wish them both a thorough recovery.

During the past week, we began our process of bringing some students back to our schools for needed assessments. These are the first steps allowed by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health in the reopening of schools. Parents of students in our mild/moderate special day classes and students who are English Learners will be receiving calls from our local school staff members requesting additional information about a return to school for instruction following completion of the assessments. More information will be provided once the phone survey information is completed. At this time we know you are getting many phone solicitations, however, we hope you’ll take our call and respond to us as promptly as possible.

Congratulations to Rancho Vista, The IDEA Academy at Cottonwood, and Hillview Middle Schools. We have been awaiting the official paperwork declaring that these schools have received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We are happy to say that paperwork has now been completed and mailed to each school. We are very proud of each of these sites for the work it took to complete the process. The final group of our schools will complete the WASC process this year, and we are anticipating that all of our schools will be accredited by the end of the school year.

Some of you may be aware that the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is reopening applications for return to school waivers for students in grades TK-2. These waivers will allow 30 schools per week throughout Los Angeles, based upon the 5 Los Angeles County Supervisorial Districts, to have students in those grades return to school. The 30 school waivers awarded will also be prioritized based on socio-economic status of the school. Schools with greater levels of poverty countywide by supervisorial districts will be amongst the first to be allowed to have students back on campus in grades TK-2. The waivers will require levels of support from employee unions and parent groups as well as approval by the local Board of Trustees.

Thanks again for your continued support and cooperation with our staff as we continue with distance learning for our students. Together we are working to keep our students engaged and achieving.

Happy October,

Regina L. Rossall

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