Superintendent’s Sunday Summary - November 1, 2020

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Dear Parents and Community Members,

The first quarter of our school year has concluded and by now you should have received your children’s progress reports.  As you review with your children their progress about their academic endeavors this year, please be sure to contact the children’s teacher if you have concerns.  

Annual Updates to Enrollment Data:

We have made significant changes to enrollment data collection this year.  Instead of the paper packet you are used to seeing at the beginning of the year, this year you received information about how to make all the changes online.  Some of you have not finished filling out this important date for this school year.  Please do so as soon as possible.  In the coming weeks, the school staff will begin making calls to those who have yet to file their information for this school year.  


If you are looking for additional voting locations on the westside, please know that both the gyms at Joe Walker and Hillview will be polling places for the upcoming election.  You may vote in person at these sites or you may drop off your completed paper ballot.  Thanks to the many of you who already mailed your ballot.  However you cast your ballot, please be sure to exercise your right to vote as it is one of our most important rights and responsibilities as citizens.  Some of our principals have recorded themselves reading some literature books on voting to be shared with our students and teachers.  You may access those books from our website  

Update from our Technology Department

Just a reminder, if your child needs technical support, their teacher can open a tech support request ticket or you can call the IT Helpline at 722-0716, extension 46157.  If we are on the phone helping others, please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

On another note, please remember that when your child is logged into their school Google account, their activity may be monitored.  If they enter words, phrases, or look up items that could indicate consideration of self-harm or harm to others, you may receive a call from the school counselor, psychologist, or other administrative staff members.  The safety of our students remains our highest priority, and if we are unable to reach anyone on the emergency card, we will call the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department to make a wellness call to your home.  It is critically important that the emergency information we have for your child is up to date.  Your assistance in reminding your children to access the internet for educational purposes only will be appreciated.  

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

During the month of October, each of our schools received an inspection visit from the LACDPH.  The purpose of this inspection was to ensure that the safety protocols were in place as directed and that our schools had conformed with the requirements to reopen our schools based on the waivers that were submitted for conducting students assessments, and with the hope of returning some of our students to school for in-person instruction for part of the school day.  All of our schools were evaluated as being compliant with the protocols, and ready to open for the approved waiver groups as possible.  We are continuing to conduct assessments of our students on IEP’s and those who are English Language Learners.  Bargaining with our employee groups continues to move forward, with the hope of having teachers and instructional assistants return to some classrooms with students.  However, our recent survey of the parents of groups of students allowed under this waiver program found that only about 50% of the parents were comfortable with their students returning to the campus at this time.  That creates some issues for establishing a classroom instructional program as it may be difficult for the teacher to work with a group of students who are physically in the classroom and also provide instruction to students who are remote.  These are issues that continue to be the topic of bargaining.  

Board Meeting

At the upcoming November Board Meetings on the 10th and 17th, the Board will be receiving another presentation from our schools about their instructional program.  Also, the Board will consider the revisions suggested by the Los Angeles County Office of Education staff to our Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan.  The requested revisions were minor, and special thanks to our Superintendent’s Advisory Board, District English Language Learner Advisory Committee and our Educational Services Staff for developing our original plan.  Remember our public session for the Board meetings begins at 6 p.m., and information about the meeting can be found online at   

Child Nutrition

The summer feeding program has now been extended through the end of this school year.  All students 18 years of age and younger, may pick up their lunches at any of our schools from 11 a.m.-noon Monday-Friday.  Leona Valley’s lunches are served weekly on Mondays.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school or our Child Nutrition Office.

As always, your support and involvement with our schools is greatly appreciated.   Last week many of our schools held parades, and staff and students alike enjoyed seeing one another in person.  Thanks for bringing your children out to participate.  

I hope you are beginning to enjoy some fall weather (just as the weather heats up yet again), and that you appreciated the extra hour in your weekend.  Thanks for your support, cooperation, and understanding as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times.  

Regina L. Rossall

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