Superintendent's Weekly Summary - October 15

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Dear Westside Parents and Community Members,

This weekend has brought us some transition weather bridging the hot summer to the much cooler fall.  I am hopeful that you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your family. 

This past week, we began our on-site assessments of students with a current IEP or who have a pending child study team referral.  In addition, some of our English learner students also began their annual or initial assessments as well.  We appreciate that parents have brought their children to the school site and have ensured that students were wearing appropriate protective gear.  We anticipate that assessments will continue through the end of this month.

In the upcoming weeks, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will be making visits to our school sites to confirm that we are compliant with the directives we’ve been given.  The visitors will also be ensuring that all staff members on site know what the protocols are, and how to protect both students and staff as they return to the campus.

Los Angeles County remains in the purple zone, so we are not able to open our schools for all students.  We did file the waiver for the return of students for assessments and next we are hopeful to bring back small, consistent cohorts to the classroom for students with special needs.  At this point, the move back to small groups in classrooms is not anticipated until late in October, and will be dependent on having enough students in those cohorts to make an effective classroom group.  We will do all re-entry processes in small groups as we want to ensure that we have appropriate procedures in place to avoid future shutdowns.  Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.  

Some of you have also asked about the additional waivers that are now available through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for TK-2nd grades to return to school in cohorts.   The district can only apply for these waivers on a school by school basis.  The application must have support letters from the employee unions and one from the parent support groups (likely PTA or PTSA).  Once the waivers are submitted, schools will be granted the waivers based on criteria established by the Board of Supervisors.  That criteria is that only 30 school waivers per week will be granted.  Prioritization for granting of these waivers will be based on two criteria: 1) Supervisorial District and 2) the poverty level of the schools within that Supervisorial District.   If less than 30 schools apply in any given week, then consideration will be given to the applications remaining.  We are still determining whether we can get the supporting documents by school to apply for the waiver.

At the next meeting of the Board of Trustees, members will be considering revision to the Leona Valley School boundary.  The proposal is to extend the northeastern boundary along Elizabeth Lake Road to 25th St. West, and to extend the southeastern boundary along Elizabeth Lake Road to the southwest corner of Ranch Center Dr. (near Lazy T Ranch).  This will utilize available classroom space at Leona Valley School for K-6 grade students who may attend the school from the future Joshua Ranch Development.  If you have questions or concerns, please be sure to join the meeting.  Information will be available on the District’s website at  

Thank you for all your support and cooperation as we continue to work together to create the best programs possible for our students as we continue to work through this pandemic.  


Regina L. Rossall

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