Superintendent's Weekly Summary - September 21st

  • Community and Parents

Good Evening Westside Parents and Community Members,

The air is starting to take on the crispness of fall as we enter a new season. Our thoughts go to the many families who have been impacted by the numerous fires throughout our state, and we are hopeful that as the weather cools the number of fires will decrease as well. We are especially concerned for our neighbors in the Antelope Valley who have been victims of several fires, and we join others in trying to support efforts to help families safely return home.

Congratulations and thanks for many years of dedicated service to members of our staff who are choosing to retire at the end of September. We will certainly miss our colleagues and our students and families will miss the special ways in which they have supported our students. Best wishes to:

  • Rene Levesque, Hillview Middle School, PE teacher
  • Mary Greaver, Hillview Middle School, Math/AVID teacher
  • Paula Benavidez, Joe Walker School, English Language Arts/Spanish teacher
  • Shirley Hill, Joe Walker School, Office Coordinator
  • Sharon Golub, Esperanza School, 5th grade teacher
  • Lawrence McKeon, Esperanza School, 3rd grade teacher
  • Monica Cass, Sundown School, 4th grade teacher
  • Cynthia Breeher, Sundown School, RSP teacher
  • Cheryll Jacobs, Sundown School, 1st grade special education teacher

This past week, we recognized Constitution Day, the day on which the Constitution became the law of the land for the United States of America. On Friday, we learned of the passing of a Constitutional Officer, Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She served the Court for over 27 years, including being part of decisions that impact us today. We thank her for her service.

The coming weeks and months may provide our students with a first hand opportunity to become engaged in a significant conversation about appointees to the Court and how that happens in our country, as well as how we elect a President and other members of Congress. As appropriate to the age and maturity of your children, I am hopeful that they will take time to watch this Constitutional process as it happens. It may make more sense to them as they experience the process live.

At the Board meeting on September 15th it was decided that in accordance with protocols from Los Angeles County Public Health, students with IEP’s or who are English Language Learners may be scheduled for appointments to return to school to complete necessary assessments of their skills and knowledge. Parents will be contacted in the coming weeks to set up appointments at the student’s school of attendance for this assessment. Please be advised that COVID-19 protocols will be in place meaning that students must wear a mask at all times, must keep 6 feet of distance between themselves and others, must go only to the assigned testing center, and remain with the assessors. Parents must pick their child up promptly at the end of the testing period. Your cooperation in helping our staff complete the necessary annual, initial and triennial assessments will make the process work more smoothly. This is the first option that we have for some students to return to our schools.

School Attendance

Please be sure that your children are in regular school attendance and are engaging in the instruction provided by their teachers. If your child is absent from school, please be sure that you contact the school attendance line to report the reason for the absence. Regular attendance at school is one of the most important predictors of school success.

Academic Progress

PowerSchool is a source for you to follow your child’s academic progress throughout the school year. Please be sure to check there often to ensure that your child is submitting assignments on time and that what is being submitted indicates he/she is making academic progress.

As always, I thank you for your continued support and cooperation as together we continue to provide engaging learning opportunities for our students.

Regina L. Rossall

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