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Prequalification of Contractors

California Assembly Bill (AB) 1565 went into effect on January 1, 2014. AB 1565 requires ALL General Contractors and M/E/P Subcontractors be prequalified, if the project expenditures values at $1 million or more and funded whole or in part with State Facility Bond funds. This applies to the following license numbers:

  • General Contractors (A and B)
  • Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing subcontractors ("MEPs"): C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43, and C-46

Westside Union School District contracted with Gafcon, Inc. to provide a web-based process for prequalification. Go to: For an overview of the process, please review the following slides:

The District must receive applications at least ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled bid opening on any advertised project in order for the candidate to qualify for that project. Pre-qualification approval will remain valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of notice of qualification, except as noted in the pre-qualification documents.

Please contact Jeri Holmes, Purchasing Specialist, with any questions at (661) 943-2890 or You may also contact with any questions about the use of the QualityBidders web-based tool.


A contractor who has timely submitted a completed application form, and who receives a rating of "Not Prequalified" or "Qualified Up to [DOLLAR VALUE]" from the District may appeal that determination. There is no appeal from a finding that a contractor is not prequalified because of a late application or a failure to submit required information. A contractor may appeal the District's decision with respect to its request for prequalification, by giving notice to the District no later than five (5) business days after receipt of notice of its qualification status. Notice shall be sent to the attention of:

Westside Union School District
Wayne Trussell
41910 N. 50th Street West
Quartz Hill, CA 93536.

Unless a contractor files a timely appeal, the contractor waives any and all rights to challenge the qualification decision of the District, whether by administrative process, judicial process or any other legal process or proceeding. The District reserves the right to resolve appeals before or after bid opening or award of any contract. The date for submission and opening of bids for a specific project and any subsequent contract award will not be delayed or postponed to allow for completion of an appeal process.