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Risk Management


District Safety Committee


  • Rhonda Hanson


  • Jessica Kott
  • Scott Cusack
  • Nancy Hemstreet
  • Bill Bingham
  • Wayne Trussell
  • Susan Burke


The goal of the District's risk management program is to provide for the safest environment possible for our students, staff and visitors to our facilities. In order to achieve this goal, the District must also be aware of the requirements of law and work cooperatively with other agencies. A key ingredient in an effective risk management program is adopted policies and procedures designed to protect the District from loss. The district participates in a number of programs designed to ensure that we are vigilant about safety issues.

Westside Union School District is committed to the safety of its students, staff, volunteers and visitors. School site staff and district level risk management staff carry out regular safety inspections of our facilities. The district also takes input from any staff or members of the public about safety concerns related to our facilities and programs.

What to do if you have a safety concern

Safety concerns can be reported in a number of different ways as shown below. We encourage your comments and concerns.

  • Superintendent of Business Services or the Risk Management Department. Tell them your concern and either provide them information as how to contact you or remain anonymous.
  • You may call the principal of the site that you are concerned with and give him/her the information. Again, you may provide your name or remain anonymous.
  • You may write to the District care of the District Office or any school site and provide the information related to your safety concern. Again, you may either provide your name and address for a response or remain anonymous.
  • You may click here to email your concerns to the Risk Management Department.

Thank you for your interest in our safety program.