Due to recent changes in COVID-19 protocols, our District Enrollment office is currently closed to in-person traffic.


Enrollment for the 21-22 school year is available online.  You can complete all aspects of the process online with no need to drop off documents, make appointments or any of the ways enrollment has been completed in the past, everything can be done from your home. 


It is our goal to process all of the enrollment packets received through August 3rd in a timely fashion so that students can attend class on the first day of school, August 4th.  If you have a question, please contact our office at 661-722-0716 x40901.



All New Students are enrolled through our Online Registration systems.

If you are new to Westside, welcome!  Please read the information below to complete your child's enrollment.

Please note:  Students currently enrolled do not need to re-enroll*.  ONLY new students to Westside need to complete a new enrollment application. 


Our Guide to Enrollment packet has all the information and forms necessary to enroll a new student in grades TK-8.  It is available to view/download by selecting this link Guide to Enrollment / Guide to Enrollment - Spanish

Enrollment is an easy 2-step process:

  1. Upload all necessary documents listed in your Guide to Enrollment via Let's Talk
  2. Select the link at the bottom of this page to submit your Online Enrollment Application

Documents Required (unless otherwise noted) for Enrollment:

  • California Statewide Student ID [in Guide to Enrollment]
  • Verification of Residency (and Statement of Residence, if applicable) [in Guide to Enrollment]
  • Two utility bills - for more information select Residence
  • Current Immunization Record http://www.shotsforschool.org/k-12/
  • Proof of Birth - Birth Certificate, Passport, Baptismal Certificate, Proof of Birth Affidavit (Hospital Certificate is NOT acceptable) (Required for TK, K, 1st grade, requested for all other grades)
  • Most recent report card, if enrolling mid-year (Required only for middle school)
  • Report of Health Examination, completed & signed by student's physician  (Required only for Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten & 1st grader, if 1st grader has not attended Kindergarten)
  • Oral Health Assessment / Oral Health Assessment  - Spanish, completed & signed by student's dentist  (Required only for Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten & 1st grader, if 1st grader has not attended Kindergarten)
  • Copy of current IEP or 504, if applicable


Kindergarten: Children must have their fifth birthday on or before September 1 to enroll in Kindergarten in that school year.  For more information about Kindergarten select Kindergarten.

Transitional Kindergarten: Children must have their fifth birthday between September 2 and December 2 (inclusive) to qualify for Transitional Kindergarten in that school year.  For more information about Transitional Kindergarten select Transitional Kindergarten.


Once you have completed the online enrollment application, and have all required documents, you will now be able to complete your enrollment via our Let’s Talk communication tool. 

1.  Select the Let’s Talk link on our website, then select Enrollment or Enrollment 2021-22
2.  Include the following information: 1) student’s name, 2) student’s birthdate, and 3) your information.
3.  Upload all required documents.

We will respond to your communication with the status of the application once it has been reviewed.


Students will not be able to start school until their enrollment is complete.


* Note: Students currently enrolled at a school in Westside Union School District at the end of the school year, in Kindergarten - 7th grade, do not need to re-enroll.  The only exception is PreSchool students who will be starting Kindergarten in the upcoming school year.