For the Current School Year


If your child is currently on a Transfer either within or to the Westside Union School District, you do not need to reapply as long as you haven't moved.

If you are a new student to Westside and want to attend a different Westside school than the school you are zoned for or if you have moved within the Westside boundaries and would like to stay at your current Westside school, please apply online for an Intra-District Transfer for the current school year.  See Intra-District Transfers section for more information.

If you moved out of Westside's boundaries, you will need to complete an Inter-District Transfer from your home District for the current school year, which would be sent to the Westside Union School District Office If approved by your home district, AND an Online Enrollment and Transfer Application for the current school year.  See the Inter-District Transfer section for more information.


Upcoming School Year:

Principals will review online transfer applications submitted during our Open Enrollment period, March 1 – April 15, in June. Parent/Guardians will be notified by the first week of July on the outcome. Applications received after April 15 through July might not be reviewed by principals until they return from Summer break.  Parent/Guardians may not be notified until after the start of the school year.  See the Inter-District or Intra-District Transfer sections for more information on applying for a transfer.

Open Enrollment Transfer Requests (March 1 - April 15) - If you are a new student applying for a transfer, you only need to do the online transfer request, enrollment documents are not required with the transfer application.