Esperanza Elementary

There are minimum days on 12/3 and 12/14. School is released at 12:50pm.
Holiday Celebration on 12/7 from 6-8pm
Lost and found bin being donated on 12/14


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Welcome to Esperanza!


Esperanza’s School Plan offers the on-going opportunity to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate a meaningful standards-based curriculum for all students. The goals, objectives, and activities have been identified and written based on needs expressed by students, parents, and staff input. These goals, objectives, and activities are established to improve and focus instruction at Esperanza’s Elementary School enabling students to meet grade level, district, and CA state standards.

The ELAC, School Site Council, and Grade Level Leadership Teams collaborated to develop and refine the plan and will continue to work towards the ongoing implementation, evaluation and revision of this plan as needed. Esperanza Elementary School's essential philosophical cornerstones include the concept that quality school programs are based on shared decision-making by all staff members in meeting school, district, and state guidelines.