Read 30 minutes every day with your child.

Physical Education:  30 minutes a day of physical activity

Notes from the Counselor: The activities listed are fun and interactive ways to engage your children in healthy living.

Activity 1:  Painting/Drawing -  8 AWESOME DRAWING TRICKS FOR KIDS  Many students need a break during the school day and art is usually a good way for them to relax. Here is a video that shows simple ways to paint. 

Activity 2:  Journaling - Writing can help kids deal with their fears, stress and anxiety.  The act of journaling not only boosts memory and comprehension, it also increases working memory capacity, which may reflect improved cognitive processing.  Here are some sites to look at for ideas.

Activity 3:  California Career Zone - www.cacareerzone.org Students may login if they created an account at school.  Explore your career options after completing an interest profile.