Read 30 minutes every day with your child. 

Physical Education:  30 minutes a day of physical activity 

Notes from the Counselor: The activities listed are fun and interactive ways to engage your children in healthy living.  

Activity 1:  Coronavirus Questions w/ Short Mindfulness Activities - Coronavirus Handout 

Activity 2:  Fight Flight Freeze- A Guide to Anxiety for Kids - This video teaches kids how anxiety is a normal biological response called “flight, flight, freeze” that can be triggered inappropriately in the modern world.  Fight Flight Freeze – A Guide to Anxiety for Kids 

Activity 3:  Empathy Freeze Dance - Play music and stop the music randomly. When the music stops, shout out an emotion for your child to express with their face and body.  Discuss which emotion is hard for your student to share and when they may experience that emotion. Sample emotions can include: excited, annoyed, happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised, disappointed, relaxed, frustrated, curious, confused, and safe.