Hillview Middle School

PTSA Dine Out Night at Panda Express on 1/20 from 10am-10pm.

No School on 1/20

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Hillview Back to School Assembly

This week we held an assembly for the students to review some of our school policies, procedures, etc.  That information can be found in the PowerPoint linked here: Back to School PowerPoint

Permission to wait at Rancho Vista School

Students are required to complete a form and get their ID punched if they plan to wait after school for siblings, etc., at Rancho Vista Elementary School.  That form can be found here: RV ID Punch Form

Students who do not have this punch on their ID are not allowed to wait on that campus with friends, for rides, etc.  

California Gold Ribbon School

Hillview Middle School was selected as a 2017 California Gold Ribbon School. We are the only Gold Ribbon middle school in the Antelope Valley and the only school selected in the AV for the 2017 award. Great job to the entire Hillview Community!

California Department of Education Gold Ribbon School

Hillview Middle School is located in the southwest portion of the Antelope Valley. It serves 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and has approximately 990 students enrolled. 6th grade students from Cottonwood, Esperanza, and Rancho Vista feed into Hillview Middle School. The Hillview sixth grade population is made up of students that applied to attend a 6th grade honors program. These students were selected to attend Hillview through an application process which required good attendance and a minimum 3.0 GPA in fourth and fifth grade (or 3/4 grades on standards based report cards.) These students come from various schools within the district and outside of the district. The school buildings consist of one main building composed of 20 classrooms, two Science Labs, Library, Home Economics room, Art Room, Woodshop, two Computer Labs and a Cafeteria. There are also a meeting/conference room, a speech room, a counselor’s office, an office for our bi-lingual aide, and the administrative offices. In addition, there are 16 relocatable classrooms, a music room, and a gymnasium with boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, and two additional computer labs. The school includes grass and concrete play areas with equipment and a patio with picnic tables.

Classroom Information

Do you need information about your child's class and/or teacher?  Check out the information posted under "Parent Info" / "Parent Information from Teachers."


AVID 19-20

Are you interested in AVID for the 2019-2020 school year?  This is a great opportunity to learn study skills and to learn about college and college readiness.  Check out the application. Interview dates are also listed here.

19-20 AVID Application

Going to College or Career School?

Are you going to college or to a career school? Do you need help with financial aide? Check out this link:


Here is a flyer with more information.

Financial Aide Flyer

Do you need to contact us?

If you ever need to contact Hillview, you can refer to the "Teachers and Staff" tab for email addresses. You can also contact us at 661-722-9993. Our office staff, Mrs. Lisa Sanchez, Mrs. Rachel Stark, and Mrs. Margaret Eskenazi will be happy to assist. 


Hillview 18-19 Student Body Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who donated to our 18-19 Fundraiser!


Hillview would like to thank EVERYONE that donated to our 18-19 Fall ASB Fundraiser. Above is a list of our Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze business partners.

Kindness Certified School District

The Great Kindness Challenge is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, choosing from a 50 item checklist.

In 2019, Hillview was selected by the Special Olympics as a Uniform Champion School.  Great job Hawks!!!



School District Integrated Pest Management Plan

It is the goal of Westside Union School District to implement IPM by focusing on long-term prevention or suppression of pests through accurate pest identification, by frequent monitoring for pest presence, by applying appropriate action levels, and by making the habitat less conducive to pests using sanitation and mechanical and physical controls. Pesticides that are effective will be used in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property, and the environment, and only after other options have been shown ineffective.

Our pest management objectives are:

  • To implement a safe and effective program to protect the health and well-being of students and staff, plus maintain a productive learning environment.
  • Prevent pests from spreading in the schools and minimize pesticide exposure to students, staff, and the public.