Hillview Disaster Information

Fire Evacuation:

In the event that a fire alarm sounds, fire, or something signifying a fire is observed, all staff and students (and anyone else on campus) will exit the buildings and report to evacuation areas.

In the event staff are unable to evacuate to the main field, they shall use their discretion to evacuate to the nearest safe area including the parking lot, Rancho Vista School, or the surrounding neighborhood. Students shall remain with their designated group at all times. Staff who are not able to evacuate to the main field will attempt to use cell phones or other means of communication to let administration (or other school staff) know where they are, note which students are with them, and report on their condition.

No one shall re-enter buildings until an all clear is given. In the event that a formal student release is required, “Release Procedures” noted under “Earthquake Procedures” section will be followed.

Earthquake Procedures:

All school personnel to include employees and students will react to an earthquake by assuming the “duck, cover, hold” position under desks or tables. Students will remain in this position until the teacher/person in charge has given an all clear signal within the classroom.

Duck, Cover, Hold position is to be instructed in the following manner:

1.Seek cover under desk or table ensuring that eyes, complete head and spinal column are protected and covered with student facing away from windows.

2.Hold on to desk leg or chair leg in order to keep protective covering from moving away.

Pupils Out of Doors – Move away from buildings and hazards to grassy area. Then sit or lie down until shaking is over. Stay away from the fences and solar panel fall zones.

1.If any protection (curb, bench, ditch or gutter) is within a step or two, crouch or lie down by any such protection.

2.If in the open, drop to the ground, curl up with arms protecting head.

3.Stay there at least ten seconds or until shaking is over.

4.At the close of the above interval, get under cover as soon as possible and follow the next instructions. These instructions may come from any adult and their nature will depend on the circumstances and extent of damage to the building.


After the shaking is over, the teacher is responsible for immediately determining the hazards and escape exits found in the class. If all is clear, evacuate to your main staging area in mass, taking your attendance and release cards.

If primary exit is blocked or there is severe structural damage to the room, the teacher is to do as follows:

1.Determine the safest location inside the classroom and have ALL students that are mobile assembly in that location.

2.Find a way to safely evacuate building. Have all students take jackets/sweaters with them.

Emergency Treatment and Staging Area

Seriously injured students who are not mobile will be evacuated by whatever improvisational methods available from the area immediately outside the classrooms and away from the overhangs.


Release Procedure

Emergency Release Cards will be used as primary source of release information.

Parent or alternate will arrive and request child/children. Student checkout staff will locate emergency contact card in binder and check to see if this person is a legally designated person on the card. The parent will sign on the disaster release card; proper identification will be required.

Parent will write their name and their child’s name on a note card, checkout staff will then sign that note card for parent to take to staging area to claim child. Staff at staging area will check card and release child.

Parent will take release card to exit gate and give the card to staff member prior to exiting campus. Staff stationed at gate will collect cards as parents and children pass through.

Lock Down:

Proceed to and stay in classroom with doors locked until all clear is given.

In the event of a lockdown:

  • Teachers are to lock classroom doors and wait for further instructions from administration. If teachers are away from their classroom, they are to proceed immediately to their classroom, or the nearest secure area and secure students inside.
  • Students on the playground (lunch, PE, etc.) are to proceed to their next classrooms or the nearest secure area and remain there. If they are unable to get into that classroom, they are to go into the nearest open classroom.
  • Custodians are to lock all exterior gates and proceed to the office for further instructions.
  • Office staff will lock doors and report to the District Office concerning the crisis.

NO students are to be released to anyone, including their parent or guardian, without administrative approval. No one is allowed entrance to the school, classrooms, or other site buildings without proper authority and clearance. Administration will follow the directions of police or fire personnel if on campus. No one is to leave rooms or offices (secure locations) until “all clear” is called or they are directed by administration, police, or fire personnel to do otherwise.