Parent Information from Teachers

Below is a list of teachers at Hillview.  Included with most of the names is information about the class, etc.  If you have any questions about what is going on in a class, please don't hesitate to contact the teacher.

Ms. Anderson - Physical Education


Mr. Bastidas - Band


Mrs. Bernas - Functional Skills Class


Mrs. Breschi - Functional Skills Class


Mr. Byass


Mr. Calica - Physical Education


Ms. Collins - 7th Grade Science


Mrs. Conklin-Gordean - Functional Skills Class


Mr. Denning - 7th Grade Social Studies


Mrs. Eslinger - Resource Specialist and Strategies for Success


Mrs. Faulk - Classroom Information


Mr. Fawcette


Mrs. Gomez - 8th Grade History


Mr. Gonzales (Art) - 7th / 8th Grade Art


Mr. Gonzalez (History) - 8th Grade History


Mrs. Gonzalez - Policies and Procedures     -     Lab Safety Information


Mrs. Greaver - 7th Grade Math     -     7th Grade PreAlgebra


Mrs. Greco - 6th Grade Math     -     7th Grade Honors ELA


Ms. Grove - 6th and 7th Grade History


Mr. Hendrix - Computer and Design and Modeling


Mrs. Henry - 7th Grade ELA     -     7th Grade ELA Support


Mr. Iverson - 7th Grade Honors History     -     Model UN


Mrs. Johnson - 6th and 8th Grade Honors Language Arts


Mrs. Jones - 7th Grade Math


Mrs. Kausen - 8th Grade Language Arts


Mrs. Kelly - 8th Grade Math


Mr. Levesque - Physical Education


Mr. Lister - 8th Grade Science


Mrs. Litel - Functional Skills Class


Mr. Mann - Woodshop


Mrs. McGovern - Resource Specialist


Mrs. Muzaffar - 6th Grade Science     -     8th Grade Science


Mr. Nowell - Physical Education


Mr. Oman - 8th Grade Math, Algebra, and Geometry


Mrs. Pratt - Home Economics 


Mrs. Rush - 7th Grade Language Arts


Mr. Schlunegger - 8th Grade Science


Ms. Seargeant - 7th Grade Science


Mr. Sill - 8th Grade ELA     -     Parent Brochure


Mr. Skinner - 7th Grade Social Studies     -     8th Grade Social Studies


Ms. Smith - 7th Grade ELA     -     7th Grade Honors ELA


Mr. Webb - Classroom Information


Mrs. Young - 7th Grade Math