Pick-up/Drop-off Information

Please remember that no cars are allowed in the south parking lot for pick up or drop off. That parking lot should only be used for people leaving their vehicle to enter the school.


Please be sure to drive slow and follow all posted signs when driving on or near the campus.


The only legal and safe place for students to cross Peonza Lane is at the corners, please do not encourage students to jay walk across the street.


During drop off and pick up hours, no left turns are allowed out of the parking lots. This is posted, so be aware that you could be ticketed for left hand turns.


Students are only allowed to enter campus through the gate by the gym or the gate in the back of the school. If you use the gate in the back of the school for pick up, please avoid U-turns and double parking.


Non-Parent Pickup:

If your child needs to be picked up during the school day, and a parent is unable to pick them up, we must contact the parent before we release.  While we understand this can be an inconvenience, please understand that this is for student safety.  Parents, please make sure your phone numbers are updated, and that you are available for our phone call when the person picking up arrives at Hillview.  We appreciate your help!