6th Grade Honors Academy

Do you have a 5th grader looking for a challenge in 6th grade?  Do they want the chance to be on a middle school campus and experience all of the things middle school has to offer?  If you answered yes to these questions, then Hillview's 6th grade Honors Academy might be the place for you. 


You can read the requirements for the academy below.  Here are links to the Application, the Transfer Form, and a Brochure for the Academy.  Applications and a completed transfer form are due to the district office by April 22nd.  As long as they are postmarked by the 22nd, you will be fine. If you live outside of Westside's boundaries, you must also get a release from your home school district.


2020-2021 Documents

6th Grade Academy Application *Required*

6th Grade Academy Transfer Form *Required for ALL in district applicants

6th Grade Academy Brochure

Informational PowerPoint

With our recent closure, you might not have access to all of the required information right away.  NWEA assessments were already given, so if you need that report, please email your child's principal and they can email you a copy.  Third quarter progress reports will be available in PowerSchool on Friday, April 10th.  Please print a copy later that day to include with your pack.  Please be sure to select the tab to show the standards based grades, and also expand everything so all of the scores, etc., can be seen.


**NEW** - In addition to the paper documents, please be sure to complete the District's Online Enrollment.  This can be done before or after you submit the paper documents.  Ideally, we would like this done by 4/22, but if the online portion is completed before the end of April, that's fine.  Here is a link to that District page: https://www.westside.k12.ca.us/enrollment  Hillview's website also has a pop-up window (this might go away soon) with this link.

You will be clicking on "2020-2021 Online Enrollment and Transfer Application."  You will be directed to a place to either sign in or create an account.  Most people will have to create an account first.


Once ready, or for people out of district with a completed application package, please mail everything to the district. 


41914 50th St. W.

Quartz Hill, CA  93536

Attention: Honors Program




Hillview Middle School 6th Grade Honors Academy Program Requirements

This program will be held at Hillview Middle School and provide academic challenges with accelerated expectations preparing students for continued achievement. 


Student Eligibility:

1.      All students applying for the academy must meet grade requirements which include:

     a.       If using letter grades, the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA or higher each semester during 4th and 5th grade with no D or F grades.


     b.      Students on a Standards Based report card must have “2” or higher scores each semester during 4th grade, AND “2” or higher scores on their 5th  grade, 3rd quarter progress report. *

2.      Students must have a “3” or “4” score in College and Career Readiness on their 5th grade, 3rd quarter report card. **

3.      Scores at or above 70th percentile on the NWEA 5th grade, 3rd quarter Language Arts Assessment, AND scores at or above 70th percentile on the NWEA 5th grade, 3rd quarter Math Assessment. Out of district students must show proficient levels on their 5th grade district assessments. ***

4.      Student Meets or Exceeds Standards on 4th grade ELA & Math State Tests. ***

5.      An average of 10 or fewer absences when looking at both 4th and 5th grade. ***

Acceptance to this program involves a commitment from parents and students.  Classes will include: Honors Language Arts, Honors Math, Honors Social Studies, Science Lab, PE, and Exploratory Classes.  The Exploratory classes consists of several different classes that students transition through.  Classes typically include: Project Lead the Way, Robotics, and AVID.  Students will also work as a whole group on one community based project each year.  Students will also have access to all middle school extracurricular activities. 


* - Students who meet grade requirements, but have multiple “2” scores, will be considered if space is still available after considering students who meet grade requirements and have “3” and “4” scores.

 ** - Students from out of district must have an A/B or equivalent score in citizenship (or similar category) on their 5th grade report cards.

*** - Students who don’t meet eligibility criteria #3, #4 and/or #5 may still apply; however, they will only be considered if space is available after acceptance of all students that meet all levels of eligibility.