Parent Survey Results - What Should School Look Like?

Thank you for all the parents who participated in our survey about school reopening for the 20-21 school year. It is our plan to reopen our schools fully as soon as we are given the clearance by Los Angeles County Public Health and California Department of Health. 38% of our families participated in the survey, and those results are posted here.

The Board of Trustees received a presentation of the information at its most recent meeting, and will continue to consider this and other information in planning for our reopening of school on August 5, 2020. The Board will be considering various ways of reopening our schools at meetings scheduled for June 16 and June 18. As usual agendas will be available for those meetings on the websites.

Also, congratulations to the family of Joseph Ornelas (Anaverde Hills) that won the $200 Amazon Gift Card (donated from a community member) from the drawing of those who participated in the survey.

Survey Says...