College Career Readiness

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Frequently Asked College and Career Readiness Questions:

What are the District programs for Career and College Readiness?

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination - A program focused on college and career readiness.

Common Sense Media- District adopted Internet Safety program

How can I help my child?

How does your child need help?

High-achieving children

Success in the classroom comes from a combination of skills, effort, and the willingness to learn.  Encourage your child to be an actively engaged student.

Gifted and Talented Education

Helping Your Gifted Child Succeed

Critical thinking skills

Catching up when behind

A good idea is to go into the student curriculum for whatever subject your student is behind in and click on the Student Resources section.  There are numerous wonderful resources to help your student, including reteach,video tutorials, and leveled readers.

For more information on supporting your student in meeting standards, see resources for the following content areas:


Enrichment opportunities

Organization and responsibility

At home activities

Students should always read every day, and do activities outside and around the house that applies information that they have learned.  Examples: Cooking, baking, building, constructing, creating, writing, researching, and experimenting

Keeping Kids Curious

Standard based learning

The common core standards require a greater focus in mathematics. Rigorous lesson delivery includes conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, as well as application in problem solving contexts.  In language arts, the common core standards include reading material with growing complexity of texts and reading comprehension that include academic vocabulary. In writing, students are expected to use evidence from the text, provide well defended claims and clear information. The new CA History Social Studies framework focuses on students’ ability to connect history with present day situations and cultures with critical writing skills.  The CA Next Generation Science Standards requires students to explore and observe phenomenon in everyday experiences. It is important to give your student opportunities to practice all of these skills at home, by giving them age appropriate experiences with discussion.

Key Shifts in English Language Arts

Key Shifts in Mathematics   

A Family's Guide: Fostering your child's success in school mathematics

Practicing over breaks

Help your child develop a love of learning. Reading for pleasure or reading to learn about something new is highly rewarding.  Being active and outside are lifelong healthy habits.

How to Make the Most of Summer

Keeping Kids Curious

21st century sills

Technology at home

​​​​​​​Since students are familiar with Chromebooks in the classroom, it may be beneficial for students to have a similar experience at home. Any technology that allows students to access the Google Suite may offer more opportunities for extended learning at home.

No computer or internet access at home

Take advantage of the public libraries.  All the local libraries have computers and internet access.  Students will log on their Google accounts to access the online curriculum and can complete their assignments from there

Using technology safely