Digital Citizenship

Frequently Asked Google (GSuite for Education) Questions:

What is my child talking about when they say Google?

G Suite comprises Calendar for communication; Drive for storage; Docs (equivalent to Word), Sheets (equivalent to Excel), Slides ( equivalent to PowerPoint), Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and Classroom, learning management system, to link it all together for students.

How do I change my child’s Google password?

Passwords are provided by the district and are not allowed to be changed by the student.  Usernames and passwords are created on enrollment into Westside Union School District through Powerschool.  If there is a problem with your child's password, please contact your child's teacher.

What can be installed on a Chromebook Google account?

Only approved extensions can be installed by students, and usually students are requested to install them in class by their teacher.

Do I have access to my student’s Google account?


You will have to use your student’s WUSD Google information to log into Google.  We recommend logging into a separate Chrome browser for your student.  To access your student’s Google account, open up the browser that you created for them. This browser will have their school links and access to their google G Suite.   If you misplace your student’s Google account, please contact your child’s teacher.

How do I know my student's information is safe while using GSuite?

Student accounts cannot receive information from outside of the district GSuite and they cannot send anything out of our district.  Their documents and information is protected in a district 'bubble'.  

Google has signed a CSPA agreement with the district that states that they comply with all Student Privacy laws.  

Frequently Asked Digital Citizenship Questions:

How can I keep my student safe online?

Being safe online is important, and you can help your student use the internet productively with safe and responsible behavior by exploring these sites.

Common Sense Media- Privacy and Internet Safety

Good Digital Parenting

Google Safety Center: Parental Supervision

How can I encourage Digital Citizenship?

CyberWise Internet Safety

Edutopia Digital Citizenship

Students can learn about online safety, cyberbullying, netiquette, privacy, copyright, and the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior to help young people consider their digital footprint.

How can I know what my student is doing online?

You can access your student’s school Google account at any time to monitor work and browsing history.  Your student should know their user name and password, or you can ask your student's teacher.

It is important that you know what your student is doing while online. Explore these sites for tips on supporting your child’s online presence.

Help your family create healthy digital habits

Common Sense Media- Parent Concerns