Standard Based Reporting

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Frequently Asked Standard Based Grading Questions:

How do I monitor grades using Power School?

Frequently Asked Power School Questions:

What can I see on the PowerSchool Site?

After logging into PowerSchool, parents can see the students’ standard scores and attendance records.  You can see a list of assignments and the standards associated with them.

How do I check my students grades on PowerSchool?

Parents and students alike can log in at  Create an account using an email address.  Link your student(s) to your account using their student code provided by your student's school.  You can link multiple students to your individual account and all parents can create their own account using their own email address.  

Student's accounts are automatically created.  Students sign into the system using their district provided user name and password.

How do I find my student’s grades?

When logged into PowerSchool, select the 'Standard Grades' tab. Click on the class arrow to see a full list of standards and your student’s ability level.

 If you wish to keep track of assignments and their associated standards, go back to the 'Grades and Attendance' tab and click on the [i] in the current grading period.  You will need to ignore the score column we no longer utilize a point system, and instead click on the blue graph to show the actual standard level.  To view comments on the assignment, click on view at the end of the row.  

How can I contact my student’s teacher or principal?

To contact your student’s teacher, log in to PowerSchool. Next to the name of the class, you will find a button that allows you to email your teacher. Please allow at least a 24 hour window for your student’s teacher to reply.

To contact your student’s site administrator, the best way is to call the school directly. To find your school’s phone number, please visit this link. If you prefer to email your student’s site administrator, click on your school to find the School Directory. Emails for administrators and teachers are listed there.

What is Standards Based Grading and Reporting?

Part 1:

Separating Process and Product

Part 2:

Eliminating Points and Percentages

Part 3:

Promoting Student Success

What are the CA Standards?

California Department of Education - Content standards were designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student, by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level. Apps can also be downloaded here for iPhone and here for Android.

CA Common Core Standards for English Language Arts

CA Common Core Standards for Mathematics

California History-Social Science Standards and Framework

CA Next Generation Science Standards:

What's Cooking with Common Core in California
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Three Minutes Explaining Common Core
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What can I do to help my student be successful with Standards Based Grading?

In Standards Based Grading, the goal that students should be aiming for is to meet the standard (i.e. 3). This is a shift in mindset from the traditional grading system when students were aiming to get an A through point accumulation.  To help your student, review the standards for their grade level and practice those skills.

Keeping the standards in mind will lend focus to the work that students are doing in the classroom and serve as a checklist for skills and knowledge that students should possess before promoting to the next grade. A 4 is the result of showing superior knowledge and synthesis skills.

How do I support my student in meeting standards?

For more information on supporting your student in meeting standards, see resources for the following content areas:

How does Standards Based Grading correspond with test scores?

Standards Based grading and the state test scores are both aligned to the California State Standards. By using Standards Based Grading, students scores are all calibrated in the exact way that test scores are calculated.