Quartz Hill Elementary

Quartz Hill Elementary School Entrance

Quartz Hill Elementary is located in the heart of Quartz Hill and serves students from transitional kindergarten through sixth grade. Additionally, Quartz Hill Elementary also has a special education preschool. The Quartz Hill Elementary staff prides itself in offering a rigorous curriculum that engages all students. Quartz Hill is an AVID certified school. AVID curriculum is taught in all grade-levels assisting students to develop critical thinking skills, goal setting, and organizational structures. In addition to our core academics, Quartz Hill offers multiple opportunities for enrichment. Students are encouraged to participate in student government, ballroom dancing, and robotics.

All About Quartz Hill

Quartz Hill Elementary School is one of thirteen schools in the Westside Union School District located on the Westsern portion of the Antelope Valley. The staff, parents, and students of the school are committed to a highly structured, standards based educational experience for all students. In addition to academic excellence, the school strives to develop good character in all students by teaching and modeling what it means to be trustworthy, responsible, fair, honest, and compassionate.

The school currently serves approximately 850 students in grades transitional kindergarten through sixth. Quartz Hill Elementary is a walking school, with busing only available to transport students with special needs. A state-funded Special Education preschool for Westside students is also housed on the Quartz Hill Elementary Campus.

Even though Quartz Hill Elementary is an old school it remains a safe, clean, and well-maintained campus. The last time the school had remodernization was in 1989. The school has beautiful established trees that border most sides of the playground. The playground and playground equipment meet the needs of primary and upper grade students. All playgrounds received modernization in the fall of 2003. Students in our ecology club also raised money to have a serenity garden added to the campus.

The school has a cafeteria, office, staff workroom, staff lounge, library, and computer lab. Every classroom has at least three computers which have Internet capabilities.

The YMCA has a portable building located on the east side of the school. The YMCA works with the district to provide before and after school child care for parents.

Replaced HVAC to all permanent classrooms in 2010.

New Roofing in Summer 2014.

Students use yarn to grab and stack red plastic cups.

Campus Climate Assistants

While on the playground, students have the opportunity to engage in academic activities with our Campus Climate Assistants. Campus Climate Assistants work with our school counselor to develop structured activities for our students to participate in during recess and lunch. In the picture above, students had to be strategic while working with their team to use rubber bands to stack cups.

Student engineered city structure to withstand earthquake


Teachers infuse STEM into their classroom weekly to challenge our students.

Students in Mrs. Tidwell's fourth grade class worked to develop a city. Each team had to engineer a structure that withstand a major earthquake. Students then presented their structures to the class and reviewed the specialized structures in place that would allow the structure to remain standing through tumultous shaking.