Pick-up/Drop-off Information


Currently, M-4 is closed due to a Los Angeles county project in which a sidewalk will be added, and the street will be widened. We anticipate this project being completed by mid-September. During this time, our front parking lot will be closed from 7-8:30, and 1-2:30 to allow for dismissal. During this time, there will not be any parking along 50th as well. Below you can find our temporary drop-off and pick-up procedure as well as a procedure when the construction is complete. Maps of the drop-off and pick-up procedure can be found in the front office.

Drop-off Procedure While M-4 is Closed

Students can be dropped off on the eastern curb on 50th and be crossed to the school through the crosswalk by a staff member. There will also be two traffic lanes open in the parking lot, east lane and west lane, to drop students off. The center lane of the parking lot will be used to exit the parking lot. When exiting the parking lot, cars will only be allowed to turn left. Students are encouraged to walk to school to alleviate traffic congestion. Students can also be dropped off at the Methodist Church's parking lot on M and 50th St. West. We will have staff members in the church parking lot beginning at 7:00-7:25. During this time, students will be escorted to school at 7:05 and 7:25. Students walking to school from the Methodist Church will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an ipad once the construction is complete.

Pick-up Procedure While M-4 is Closed

During dismissal, all students will go to the designated pick-up location of their oldest sibling except if there is a kindergarten student. Siblings of a kindergarten student will go to the kindergarten pick-up location.

Kindergarten Students: All kindergarten students and their siblings will be picked up South/West corner of the school. Kindergarten pick-up will begin at 1:45. Students will need to park and walk up to the gate to pick-up their student.

1st and 2nd grade students: First and second grade students will be released from the front parking lot. When entering the front parking lot, please pull into the right lane to reach your child.

3rd and 4th grade students: Third and fourth grade students will be in front of the school. These students can be picked up from 5oth Street West, or by entering into the front parking lot. There will be no parking allowed on 5oth. When entering the front parking lot, please pull into the left lane.

5th and 6th grade students: Fifth and sixth grade students will be escorted to the United Methodist Church's parking lot on Avenue M and 50th Street West.


Beginning at 7:00, students can be dropped off to the cafeteria, located on M-4, to purchase and eat breakfast. For students not eating breakfast, students may dropped off in two different locations beginning at 7:15. Gates will open to students at 7:15 at the front parking lot on 50th Street West, and the side parking lot located on M-4. Quartz Hill is a closed campus, meaning that only students are able to enter the campus. If a parent wishes to come on to campus they will need to come through the office and sign in. However, parents may not access the campus before school, during recess, or lunch unless a meeting has been previously scheduled. Gates will close at 7:45. Any tardy students will need to enter through the school office.


Quartz Hill is an extremely busy school during pick-up time. Please be patient, as the school staff is trying to work quickly and efficiently in ensuring that all students exit the school in a safe fashion. Please see the list below, for exit locations broken down by grade-level. Siblings will exit the school at the oldest sibling exit location, unless there is a kindergarten student. If a sibling is a kindergartner, all siblings will exit with the kindergartner through the cafeteria.

TK and Kindergarten-Cafeteria

First-Second- Parking lot on 50th Street West- At this location, cars are permitted to drive through and pick-up their student. Also, parents are able to walk to the crosswalk, and staff members will cross the student to the parent. Parents cannot walk across the crosswalk and retrieve their student.

Third, fourth, and special education- Parking lot on M-4. School busses access this parking lot. Please do not enter this parking lot until the busses have entered the lot. This pick-up location allows cars to drive through the lot and for parents to walk-up and retrieve their student.

Fifth-Sixth- Dirt parking lot located through the Little League. This is a drive through exit, walk-up pick-up is not allowed at this location.

Walking students will exit the school at the south-west corner of M-4 and 50th Street West or the north-west gate on 50th Street West.

Leaving Early

When picking up your student prior to dismissal time, you must come to the office to sign your child out. When students leave early, a tardy will be recorded. These tardies will make your child not eligible for perfect attendance awards.