Intra-district Transfer

This is for a family that wishes their child attend a different school than what they're either zoned for, or currently attending, within the Westside Union School District.

For the Current School Year:

  1. Obtain the form from any Westside school or at the District Office - one form per child.
  2. Return completed form to the school site where you wish to transfer.
  3. You will be contacted with the outcome from the District Office.

Once a student receives an approved Intra District Transfer, that school will then be considered the student's home school. If a student desires to change schools after being granted an Intra District Transfer, including returning to his/her school of residence, a new transfer request must be submitted to the requested school and approved before a student will be allowed to change schools.

Open Enrollment for the 2018-2019 School Year

If your child is currently attending this school on an Intra District Transfer, you do not need to reapply.

If you would like your child to attend a school other than the school he/she is zoned for or currently attending, you may apply for an Intra District Transfer. Applications for the upcoming school year are available in our office or at the District Office beginning in March. Intra District Transfer applications are to be returned to our District Office at 41914 N. 50th Street West, Quartz Hill. Transfers are granted based on space availability at the requested school.

If your child’s application is submitted during our Open Enrollment period, March 1 – April 15 you will be notified by the first week of July on the outcome. Applications received after April 15 are subject to space availability and you may not be notified until after the start of the school year.