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K12 Reopening Protocols for COVID-19



Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in TK-12 Schools

This document reviews current policies and important action steps to keep children safe in Los Angeles County’s 3,040 TK-12 schools. At the end you will find resources you can turn to, including where to call, if you want further information or need assistance with COVID-19 prevention or care.

Parent Updates TK-12

Hello Rancho Vista Families!

This is Dr. Slater-Sanchez with some important school news. 

The first day of school is just around the corner and we are so excited to welcome your child back on campus! Wednesday, August 4 is the first day of school. Parents will be allowed to walk their children on campus and to the classroom on the first day, but no parents will be allowed inside the classrooms. We will be doing in-person school, five days a week. Masks are required for all students and staff while indoors.

In an effort to ensure the safety of all students and staff, all individuals who enter Rancho Vista will be required to complete the SafeScreener daily and show the green check which indicates they are cleared to enter.  Remember that you need to set up a separate account for each student you have who attends Rancho Vista.  Our recommendation is to have the user name as their first name and keep the password the same for all accounts.  If you are a new family to Rancho Vista, please see the following information below to create a SafeScreener account.  If you are a returning family who used the account last year, simply enter in your phone number and email address into the account settings to enable daily reminders for you to complete the screener.

School begins at 7:50am and gates open for drop-off at 7:20am. Typically school releases at 1:50 for TK and Kindergarten and 2:00 for grades 1-6. However, the first two days of school (August 4 and August 5) are minimum days, so school will be out one hour earlier.

I know many of you are anxious to know which teacher your child has been assigned to. Teachers will be sending out a phone message/email on Monday, August 2 to welcome your child to their classroom.

On August 3, we will having a VIRTUAL Back-to-School Night. Links to your teachers’ virtual meeting will also be included in the phone message.

Many of the items your child will need are provided by the classroom teacher. I would suggest though, a sturdy backpack and lunch pail (if needed) with your child’s name written inside. Teachers will provide more specific information at their Back to School night meeting. Students who need a lunch from the cafeteria will be provided one at no cost this year.

Please watch the attached video for information about where to drop off and pick up your student. Older siblings from Hillview will be allowed to wait for younger siblings, but there is a form that needs to be completed at Hillview and a hole punch that will go on their school IDs.

If you are interested in full-time Distance Learning, please submit a Let’s Talk on the District website and choose “Distance Learning” as the interest area. Someone from that program will be in contact with you.

Lastly, I encourage you to view our Superintendent’s School Opening Letter on our District website. https://www.westside.k12.ca.us/blog/blog-posts/~board/latest-from-westside/post/superintendents-letter-july-27-2021

Dr. Slater-Sanchez, Principal

Welcome Back Rancho Vista Rockets!


Schools will close for the next week at the end of today, and District Offices will be open on Monday and Tuesday of next week only.  Students will return to school on Monday, November 29th, and will complete the semester on December 17th. 

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation throughout this first quarter of the school year.  While we are learning to manage the COVID-19 related issues, your patience has helped us to implement the ever changing health directives as expeditiously as possible.  It has also helped keep our focus on ensuring that our students continue to learn, while also addressing the social-emotional needs created by this unprecedented time.

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As we end our 2nd week of school, we are so pleased to have your children back in our classrooms.  We have had a busy first week of school, but so appreciate your help and support in having your children arrive at school on time, with their SafeScreener completed, and ready to learn.  We also thank you for attending the Back to School Night Programs that have already been held or upcoming.

We continue to monitor our staff and students to control the spread of the COVID virus, so being thorough and thoughtful when completing the SafeScreener for your children is a key.  

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health is adopting a staged approach, supported by science and public health expertise, to enable schools serving students from transitional kindergarten through grade12 to reopen safely. In addition to the conditions imposed on schools by the State Public Health Officer and the California Department of Education, schools must also be in compliance with these employee and student safety and infection control protocols.

We are so excited and looking forward to welcoming our students back to school on August 4th.  Be looking for specific information such as start time, teacher assignments, lunch and breakfast schedules, and opening activities from the principal of your child’s school this week.   

During the past few months, several changes were made and others reinforced by legislation and regulation in our state.  So, here are some answers to frequently requested information: 

School Meals * School Hours * Transportation* Distance Learning  * Transitional Kindergarten

COVID-19 Testing * Vaccinations  * Masks 

School Activities * Volunteers * Meetings of the Board 

School Dress* Counseling Services * Attendance *After School Care

Rancho Vista school can best be described as a caring, supportive environment focused on student learning across the curriculum. We recognize the impact that good school attendance, positive character choices and respectful behavior have on student achievement and work to make the connections with student achievement for our students. We strive to inspire each child to reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum. Rancho Vista Elementary School is located in the southwest portion of the Antelope Valley in the community of Palmdale. It serves kindergarten through sixth grade students, with an enrollment of approximately 680 students. In 2006 Rancho Vista was named a California Distinguished School, the first in the Westside Union School District.

Rancho Vista is operating as a permanent school site, although the school is mostly relocatable. There are currently 33 classrooms, a multi-purpose building, a library, and an administration building. Twenty-seven classrooms are currently being used as regular general education classrooms. Others include a computer lab, a staff workroom, a Resource Specialist/Speech classroom, TK-2 Special Day Class, 3-4 Special Day Class and a 5-6 Special Day Class. 


The Palmdale General Plan Update continues! The City of Palmdale is seeking community input on their preferred land use alternative and General Plan Land Use map, which is the blueprint for land uses across Palmdale. A survey is available online at https://Palmdale2045.org and a live presentation with questions and answers will be held virtually on Thursday, February 4, 2021 from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

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The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health is adopting a staged approach, supported by science and public health expertise, to enable schools serving students from kindergarten through Grade 12 to reopen safely.

Please note: This document may be updated as new information and resources become available. Go to http://www.ph.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/ for updates to this document.

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