Letter from Administration

Dear Sundown Stallion Families,


We are so honored to continue serving as your Sundown Stallion Elementary School Co-Principal team during the 2020-2021 school year. This upcoming school year brings much excitement, new experiences, and new opportunities to learn and grow. We hope to cultivate this enthusiasm of each and every child. With a tremendous amount of appreciation for the opportunity to work alongside your families, our teachers, administrative team, and staff are committed to providing an enriching and rigorous educational experience for every student. 


Our theme for this year, “Mapping Our Growth”, represents the idea that we are going to be continually celebrating the growth we are all working toward achieving this year. This is going to be measured through a variety of strategies and assessments, but a common one we will be using across all grades is the NWEA. The NWEA is an assessment that is given three times a year and highlights the growth all students can experience. Rather than focusing on assessment scores alone, Standards Based Grading is another reflective tool that allows us to continually be diagnostic of student growth. We do recognize that academic growth is only one piece of the puzzle though, and there are many other areas to celebrate growth such as responsibility, citizenship, art, problem solving, music, working with others, production quality, and independence.  


This year our administrative team will consist of Co-Principals, Ms. Amy Brouwer and Mrs. Antoinette Griffin, counselor, Mrs. Christina Parker, and school psychologist, Christina Khoury. We all relish the opportunity to serve the Sundown Elementary School students, parents and staff!


The end of the 2019-2020 school year was filled with uncertainty and provided many unique opportunities. We certainly did not end the year as we expected, and this is not the way we anticipated to start the 2020-2021 school year. We are so excited to have your students return to school, even though they are not able to return to campus as we begin this school year. 


Throughout this year, we are committed to:

  • Continue building a rich academic and social emotional learning environment where students feel comfortable and safe. 
  • Engaging students’ curiosity to help them connect with the curriculum in meaningful ways, providing them with opportunities to problem solve, think critically, and collaborate with others.
  • Making this the best experience possible for everyone involved. We will show our positivity, optimism, and excitement to the students, because that is what we all need to model for our students. 
  • Ensuring that every child feels connected, valued, engaged, and supported throughout distance learning and upon their return to the classroom.

No matter what program your student is participating in, the expectations for our students will remain high and we look forward to your support in ensuring our students reach their highest potential. As a school site, we are collectively working on providing high quality instruction in an innovative way, and welcome family involvement and support. By continuing to strengthen this partnership, we are confident that we will have a successful 2020-2021 school year.


Another year of learning, anticipation, and fun lies ahead. We cannot wait until the day we get to see you all back on campus. 



Amy Brouwer and Antoinette Griffin


Sundown Elementary School

Mrs. Griffin

Mrs. Antoinette Griffin

Picture of Ms. Brouwer

Ms. Amy Brouwer