Physical Education


We are aware that some illnesses and injuries require modifications in the type of activity in which students can safely participate. We will of course follow any medical doctor’s specific recommendation; however, under Board Policy we will require students to “participate to the greatest extent possible.” For those with serious injuries this may mean refereeing or aiding the teacher. For those with hand injuries, running may still be appropriate. Those with asthma complications, walking in place or jogging may be required. Other situations may arise where the teacher may need to modify but not completely excuse daily physical education.

WUSD Board policy BP6142.7

Physical education will be required unless a physician’s note defining the physical disability or health condition which prevents the student from full participation in P.E. is provided. The physician’s note must state the length of time the student is to be excused and the extent to which the student can participate in physical education activities. A physician’s written recommendations describing a student’s physical limitations, restrictions, or specific permitted activities will be implemented for the length of time the physician states. Students will be expected to participate in P.E. to the greatest extent possible. A parent’s/guardian’s note excusing a student for no more than three consecutive school days from P.E. due to a health condition will be accepted. Students excused with a parent’s/guardian’s note will be expected to participate in the activities of the physical education activities to the greatest extent possible.

Adopted: November 18, 2008 Quartz Hill, California

With regard to parent’s notes, parents will need to indicate specific problems with specific limitations.

Physical Education is an activity class provided by the district at Sundown Elementary School twice a week for 45 minutes with PE teachers and for the first 10 minutes school wide with class room teachers. Students should bring and utilize the proper equipment including athletic shoes.