This message is regarding the parking lot safety of all Sundown students. The curb painted red in front of the school is our Fire/Emergency Services lane. Please do not park in the red zone, at any time. Vehicles left in the fire lane are subject to ticketing and towing. Vehicles stopped or parked illegally on or off campus (south side of J-8, in the parking lot entry/exit areas, blocking the flow of traffic, double parked, parked in the cross walks, etc.) are also subject to ticketing and towing as we have requested additional parking enforcement from the City of Lancaster and the Sheriff Department. There is one drive in gate for the main parking lot and all cars are to enter the EAST GATE ONLY. When entering through the east gate in a single file line so as to not block westbound traffic on J8, please pull into lane one or lane three to drop off or pick up once you are in the driveway. Lane two is for moving traffic only to exit. REMEMBER THIS IS A DROP OFF/PICK UP AREA ONLY & LANE TWO IS ONLY FOR VEHICLES TO DRIVE THROUGH. Please pull all of the way forward to allow for the maximum number of cars to enter the parking lot. Drivers should drive very slowly when approaching the school and especially when driving into the parking lot. Also, stress with your child the importance of not dashing between vehicles. We need everyone to be extra careful. We need everyone’s cooperation to make our school safe. Thank you!


Principal Announcement

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