Great Kindness Activities Week January 22nd-26th



Student School Pride Activity

Monday - Kick-Off Kindness Challenge

Perspective Day

Recess: “Kindness in All Languages”

Class: “Optional Posters”

Wear Sunglasses

Winning Class Prize: Sunglasses


Tacky Tuesday

Recess: “Paper shoe activity

Class: “Walk In the Shoes”

“Kindness always in Style” Wear mix matched clothing

Winning Class Prize: Bouncy Balls


Future Wednesday

Class: “Write a Letter to Your Future Self”

“Be Kind to Your Future Self” Wear business attire or career uniform

Winning Class Prize: Bead Necklaces


Everybody Fits in Thursday

Recess: “Secret Jump Rope”

“Dots and Stripes Day”

Winning Class Prize: Class Bubbles


Confetti Day

Recess: “Parade of the Confetti Colors”

“Throw Confetti Like Kindness”

Kindergarten – wear Pink

1st Grade – wear Purple

2nd Grade – wear Blue

3rd Grade – wear Green

4th Grade – wear Yellow

5th Grade – Wear Orange

6th Grade - Wear Red

Winning Class Prize: Class Set of Playground Balls (soccer, basketball, handball set)

The Sundown PTA would like to invite you join the Sundown Elementary School PTA. Please consider joining for $8 as the PTA continues to support field trips, assemblies, and other school activities. Thank you in advance for your support!!

Please vote for new 2017-18 School Site Council parent representatives using the link provided. If you would like to vote at Sundown, please pick up a ballot in the office. Additional information about the candidates is also available in the Sundown office. All three candidates are eligible to join the School Site Council. The voting window will be through September 5th.

Thank you.

School Site Council 2017-18 weblink for voting:

Please click the button below to Download a Self-Nomination form to be on the 2017-18 Sundown School Site Council. Forms due by August 22, 2017.


Please click the button below to Download a Parent Nomination form to nominate someone to be on the 2017-18 Sundown School Site Council. Forms due by August 22, 2017.




Help Support the Purchase of Sundown Playground Equipment!!!!!

Please see the information below for The Palmdale West Kiwanis Club Duck Race to support Sundown Playground Equipment:

Our school is partnering with the South Antelope Valley Education Foundation (SAVE) in the eleventh annual Antelope Valley Rubber Duck Race on September 1st. Our school is a “Duck Buddy” for this event. This means that for each duck that is adopted $2 will go directly to our school for playground equipment. The remaining proceeds go to the South Antelope Valley Education Foundation and the Palmdale West Kiwanis Club, benefiting youth organizations throughout the Antelope Valley. Each duck adoption earns you a chance to win fabulous prizes including a chance to win $1,000,000.

Please support this charity by going into the website at and adopting a racing duck.


Click on the link above.

Click on “adopt a duck” on the top tool bar of the page.

Wait a few seconds for the next pull down box to load.

For team member, select Tim B. or other member.

Answer the next few questions and then complete the transaction just like internet shopping.

Adopt just one duck…or a quack pack…or even a flock! Adopters do not have to be present to win, however you can buy an entry ticket into the race that evening and enjoy all the water attractions. In addition to helping children, you will have a chance to win $1,000,000 and other fabulous prizes. Visit the website for details.

Don’t wait…adopt a duck!!! Thank you in advance for your support.


Good evening, this is Mr. Barker calling with a message regarding the parking lot safety of all Sundown students. The curb painted red in front of the school is our Fire/Emergency Services lane. Please do not park in the red zone, at any time. Vehicles left in the fire lane are subject to ticketing and towing. Vehicles stopped or parked illegally on or off campus (south side of J-8, in the parking lot entry/exit areas, blocking the flow of traffic, double parked, parked in the cross walks, etc.) are also subject to ticketing and towing as we have requested additional parking enforcement from the City of Lancaster and the Sheriff Department. There is one drive in gate for the main parking lot and all cars are to enter the EAST GATE ONLY. When entering through the east gate in a single file line so as to not block westbound traffic on J8, please pull into lane one or lane three to drop off or pick up once you are in the driveway. Lane two is for moving traffic only to exit. REMEMBER THIS IS A DROP OFF/PICK UP AREA ONLY & LANE TWO IS ONLY FOR VEHICLES TO DRIVE THROUGH. Please pull all of the way forward to allow for the maximum number of cars to enter the parking lot. Drivers should drive very slowly when approaching the school and especially when driving into the parking lot. Also, stress with your child the importance of not dashing between vehicles. We need everyone to be extra careful. We need everyone’s cooperation to make our school safe. Thank you!

Buenas noches, este es un mensaje de parte del Sr. Barker sobre la seguridad de estacionamiento de todos los estudiantes aquí en la escuela Sundown. El bordillo pintado rojo enfrente de la escuela es para bomberos o servicios de emergencia. Por favor no se estacionen en la zona roja, en ningún momento. Vehículos en el carril de fuego están sujetos a recibir multa de trafico. Vehículos estacionado ilegalmente en o fuera de la escuela también están sujetos a recibir boleto de estacionamiento y removimiento de carro, porque hamos pedido ayuda de la ciudad de Lancaster y el Departamento de Sheriff. Los lugares son, estacionamiento el lado sur de J-8, en el zona de entrada y salida, estacionado doble, estacionados en donde los estudiantes cruzan, etc. Hay una puerta para el estacionamiento principal y todos los coches deben de entrar en esta puerta de oeste solamente. Cuando entran por la puerta de este, por favor entre al carril numero UNO o carril numero TRES para dejar o recoger su estudiante. Carril DOS es para mover el tráfico solamente a salir. RECUERDE QUE ESTO ES PARA DEJAR Y RECOGER SÓLOAMENTE Y CARRIL DOS ES SOLAMENTE PARA QUE LOS VEHÍCULOS TRAVIESEN. Por favor, entre al porción del estacionamiento todo el camino para permitir que el máximo número de coches entren al estacionamiento. Conductores deben conducir muy lentamente al acercarse a la escuela y especialmente cuando se conduce en el estacionamiento. Además, hable con su hijo acerca de la importancia de no correr entre los vehículos. Necesitamos que todos sean muy cuidadosos. Necesitamos cooperar para que la escuela este segura. Gracias