School Activities


Great Kindness Activities Week January 22nd-26th

Kindess word cloud




Student School Pride Activity

Monday - Kick-Off Kindness Challenge

Perspective Day

Recess: “Kindness in All Languages”

Class: “Optional Posters”

Wear Sunglasses

Winning Class Prize: Sunglasses


Tacky Tuesday

Recess: “Paper shoe activity

Class: “Walk In the Shoes”

“Kindness always in Style” Wear mix matched clothing

Winning Class Prize: Bouncy Balls


Future Wednesday

Class: “Write a Letter to Your Future Self”

“Be Kind to Your Future Self” Wear business attire or career uniform

Winning Class Prize: Bead Necklaces


Everybody Fits in Thursday

Recess: “Secret Jump Rope”

“Dots and Stripes Day”

Winning Class Prize: Class Bubbles


Confetti Day

Recess: “Parade of the Confetti Colors”

“Throw Confetti Like Kindness”

Kindergarten – wear Pink

1st Grade – wear Purple

2nd Grade – wear Blue

3rd Grade – wear Green

4th Grade – wear Yellow

5th Grade – Wear Orange

6th Grade - Wear Red

Winning Class Prize: Class Set of Playground Balls (soccer, basketball, handball set)



Sundown Back to School Night for Mrs. Alfaro and Miss Hathaway. Thursday, January 18th 5:00-5:30 pm.