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Board Calendar

The Annual Organization Meeting with be held at 40525 Peonza Lane, Palmdale, CA on December 20, 2022, with open session beginning at 6:00 p.m.  The Youtube stream link to access the meeting is posted at the top of the December 20, 2022, Board Meeting Agenda.




  • State of District Presentation – Superintendent - Welcome Back Meeting
  • Community is invited to the Board Meeting
  • Board Candidate Orientation (Election Year)



  • Annual presentation of academic achievement results
  • Biennial update of facilities master plan
  • Unaudited Actuals Report
  • Superintendent Advisory Board – LCAP Goals (Sept., Dec. & Jan.)
  • Board Candidate Orientation (Election Year)



  • Board Candidate Orientation (Election Year)



  •  Annual report from Human Resources



  • CSBA Annual Education Conference
  • Reorganizational Meeting
  • 1st Interim Report
  • Annual Audit Report



  • Board Members report on CSBA Conference
  • Facilities Master Plan
  • Superintendent’s Mid-Year Review





  • Non-reelect resolutions (by March 15)
  • 2nd Interim
  • Discussion Item – Board Goals



  • Post survey on website to gather community input on district direction
  • Volunteer Recognition



  • Recognition of Certificated Employees (first meeting)
  • Recognition of Management/Confidential Employees (second meeting)
  • Recognition of Classified Employees (third meeting)



  • Budget Presentation and Public Hearing (first meeting)
  • LCAP Presentation and Public Hearing (first meeting)
  • Begin Superintendent’s Evaluation
  • Approve Budget (second regular meeting)
  • Approve LCAP (second regular meeting)
  • Start Board Self Evaluation
  • Workshop to evaluate current goals, incorporate results of Board Self Evaluation and data from community survey
  • Set new goals for current year
  • Workshop to finalize Board Goals as a community workshop
  • Complete Superintendent Evaluation of previous school year
  • Establish goals for Superintendent Evaluation upcoming school year
  • Presentation on goals accomplished in prior year