Letter from Administration

Principal Rebecca Davis

Dear Parents, Students and Families,

Welcome back to another school year at “the best elementary school” in the Antelope Valley. In January, we celebrate Valley View’s 60th birthday as a school dedicated to learning. We are a school community committed to students in order to inspire learning. We spark curiosity and inspire our students to develop skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Like Vikings, we passionately take care of our family, doing whatever it takes to create a learning environment conducive for student learning. We are relentless in engaging students, and fearless in trying new strategies to reach our students in their learning journey. We are loyal to our all in our school community, which includes ALL… staff, students and families. We persevere in serving our community, and we model persistence in knowing that learning is a process and that mistakes are okay. We learn, make mistakes and keep on trying. We are warriors in education!

This year is my fourth year at Valley View Elementary. I am very happy to serve with dedicated leaders, Ms. Amy Brouwer, Vice Principal and Ms. Judi Hynan, School Counselor who support our students, families and staff. Our office staff will support and assist you with connecting to our teachers and answering your questions concerning attendance, health concerns and school policies and procedures.

Please refer to this website when there is a need to find pertinent information on school related policies, procedures, and services.

This year, it is imperative to improve our attendance. We need our students to be here on time and in their classroom every day ready to learn. We have adjusted our start time to 7:45 for all students. It is our hope that this will help communicate that we are all together in doing the work of learning. We know that great attendance improves student learning. Thank you for choosing us to work with your student. Your participation, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome.


Rebecca Davis

Principal, Valley View r.davis@westside.k12.ca.us