SPARC - School Personnel Accountability Report Card

Address: 3310 West Avenue L-8, Lancaster, CA 93536

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Principal: Rebecca Davis District: Westside Union School District

Grade Levels: K to 6th grade Enrollment: 814

Principal's Message

Valley View Elementary is a 2010 California Distinguished School Award recipient and 2016 AVID Certified School serving a diverse population of 814 students. We strive to provide a safe student environment with strong academically supportive and encouraging staff. The Student Support Team (SST) in alignment with our School Site Safety Plan and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) provides academic, social-emotional development, and career and college readiness through specialized internal programs serving this diverse population. As principal, I am proud of multiple staff additions in the 2017-18 school year strengthening our SST support with full-time positions including vice principal, counselor, crisis counselor, psychologist, speech teacher, and resource teaching staff. Such additional staff brings increased support toward goals of (1) successful academic transition from the elementary to middle school setting through increased academic performance and rigor, and (2) a goal of implementing positive behavioral interventions through Boys Town implementation improving school culture for students, staff and parents. We empower students to build toward their future success and leadership into middle, high school, college and into future professions.

Career and College Readiness Student Outcomes

Aligned with the American School Counselor Association, students are further equipped with 21st Century Skills as performing 6th grade students experience a unique elective exploration period (i.e. culinary chemistry, media technologies). Other students receive tutoring, preparing our students for middle school academic rigor and further development of career and social/emotional realms providing data collection in the domains of academics, career and social/emotional.

Career Readiness California CareerZone Assignment Completed

The SST and Counselor offered 5th and 6th grade students participation in college and career exploration using the California CareerZone online program. Students participated in exercises and discussions relating how education and career choice determine income; how income dictates life-style choices and individual budget constraints. Students developed a personal realization how income impacts family budgets, lifestyles, and how all are driven by their individual current and future educational choices. 95% of the students (33 in 5th grade and 99 in 6th grade) completed these lessons, giving them a goal-setting forecast of their educational and career choices. Interest inventories identified career interests; further career research identified educational requirements for varied profession and potential salary levels.

College Readiness

Honor Roll Recognition

Twice a year Valley View Elementary pays special recognition to student academic achievements as demonstration of the importance of college readiness before both families and all students. Each semester in a school-wide assembly, students are recognized before their peers, staff and family members as achieving Honor Roll status with a GPA in the range of 3.5 to 3.74 and

Principal's List with a GPA ranging from 3.75 to a potential of 5.0 with a standardbased grading system implemented this school year. The graph indicates the total number of students by grade level who received academic recognition: 4th grade received 81 academic awards, 5th grade received 66 academic rewards and 6th grade received 62 academic awards.

21st Century Skills

The Valley View SST is intrinsically dedicated toward the success of our students by integrating California Standards for Career Readiness while paralleled with the American School Counselor Association standards to guide our students in developing life-long 21st Century Skills, college readiness and individual goals toward career readiness. Specifically through our elementary grade-level elective exploration opportunities, students become practiced in applying academic knowledge with technical skills to enhance self-management, productivity, developing clear and effective communication styles along with applying critical thinking skills to persevere and resolve toward problem solving roadblocks; these are skills the SST feel will become life-long leadership skills for our students throughout their professional lives.

Additional Achievements:

2009-10 California Distinguished School Award

2015-16 AVID Elementary Certified Site Recognition, Project Lead the Way Great Kindness Challenge Certified School and District

Career and College Readiness School Site Programs and Community Partnerships

At Valley View our school mascot is the Viking who is a large part of our daily training and conventions on campus. History teaches the Viking culture valued traits of integrity, courage, wisdom and honor. Our entire student body daily participates in the mantra "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Viking. Then always be a Viking." The values driving these traits are practiced daily and encouraged through our school site and community programs which touch every student and family encouraging continued growth toward development of 21st Century Skills as strong leaders contributing to their future society.

School Site Programs

StopIt! Safe Schools: provides paths to anonymously report school incidents to school administration

Skills Lab: reinforce, teach and practice appropriate Boys Town social and behavioral skills

California Career Zone: career research and profession exploration

Boys Town: Social-Emotional skills curriculum

Campus Climate Aide daily student activities: Yoga, Zumba, Game Days, Music, Trust Games Great Kindness Challenge annual participation

Community Partnerships

Leadership Development Through Physical Education curriculum

All It Takes: Leadership, Teamwork

Boys Town: Social Skills program

Boy's and Girl's Club with City of Lancaster and YMCA: after-school care program

Children's Bureau: School-Based Mental Health Services for students and families

Grants through WAVE and SAVE Foundations, Lancaster West Rotary Club: donations and grants

Student Support Team

The Valley View Elementary SST grew in 2017-18 with the addition of several key full-time staff positions. Such staff additions include a vice principal, counselor and school psychologist complimenting the continuing services of a site behaviorist and crisis counselor. Our team is dedicated toward daily perfecting and ensuring effective, equitable programs and services for the needs of all our students including a specialized high needs population. The SST is tenacious in securing resources to develop and support programs and projects, without which many would very likely not exist. All SST members hold appropriate degrees and credentials. They hold memberships to one or more of the following professional organizations: Association of California School Administrators, California Association of School Counselors, California Association of School Psychologists, California Association of Resource Specialists, California Teachers Association, California SpeechLanguage-Hearing Association.







Vice Principal


BA, MA, TC, ACS, process of EdD

Guidance Counselor



School Psychologist



RSP Teacher



Behavior Support Specialist


BA, MA, Board Certification




RSP Teacher



SDC Teacher



SDC ED Teacher



SDC Teacher



Crisis Counselor



School RN



SST Contact Name: Judi Hynan, Guidance Counselor

Phone: 661-943-2541, Ext. 75502