Pick-up/Drop-off Information

Morning Drop Off

Parents have two choices for drop off during the morning:

1. Parents can drive through and take advantage of our valet program. Enter on the west side of the L-8 parking lot or the south side of the 35th Street parking lot.

a. Please pull up to the cone.

b. Students unload on the right side of car and get on sidewalk.

c. Go to gate and enter.

d. Please exercise caution when exiting the parking lot.

2. Parents who want to walk their child to the gate, park on the street and USE CROSSWALKS. It would be best for you to park on 35th Street between L-8 and L-4 or up by the park turnstile. It will assist you in getting your child to school safely and model good traffic practice. Use sidewalks and do not cross parking lot.

Please remember that students enter through the L-8 parking lot or the south side of the 35th Street parking lot. Students are not to enter through the office unless they are with a parent and have a concern that needs to be addressed in the office.

Afternoon Pick Up

Parents have two options for afternoon pick up:

1. Parents can drive through and pick up students at our drive through parking lot on the west 35th Street parking lot.

  • You must stay in your car. No parking. Continue moving forward until you reach the loading zone
  • Students will line up single file on the sidewalk and wait to be called for parent pick up. Students will wait at the loading spots.
  • It is the responsibility of the older sibling to find their younger siblings and wait together for their ride.
  • There is only one lane for pick up. Do not go around the line of traffic once you have your student. (This actually makes parking lot traffic worse)
  • Parents are not allowed in the pick- up area on the sidewalk.
  • NO PARENT PICK UP in the L-8 Parking Lot. This is for buses and day care vans only.
  • There is only one entrance and one exit in our parking lots. Left turns out of the parking lots are not permitted during drop off and pick up.

2. Parents can walk to school to collect their child.

  • Parents will park on the streets or in the desert areas surrounding Valley View.
    • The front parking lot (L-8) is for buses and daycare vans only, or visible handicap placard. Cones block the entrance. It will be re-opened at 2:15 pm.
    • The parking lot on 35th is not used for parent parking as it disrupts the through traffic for the valet pick-up.
  • Parents must wait in the parent area which is the north side of the 35th Street parking lot (This is the Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade pick up area) or in front of the school.
  • Your child will meet you in the parent pick up area. Again, no parents on the side walk in the student line.
  • Parents and students will exit on the sidewalk and use crosswalks when needed.
    • No crossing in parking lot.
    • No crossing street without using a cross walk.

Kindergarten pick up is in the parent waiting area in the north section of 35th Street parking lot. It is expected that Kindergarten parents walk to this area to collect your child from their teacher. If you have older siblings of a kindergartner, please have them report directly to the parent waiting area to meet you.

Our main priority is safety for students, so it is expected that everyone follow traffic signs, crossing guard and teacher instructions, and these guidelines. Your cooperation helps us to create a safe, structured school community. We truly appreciate it.

Valley View Parent Map

Bus Transportation

Some Valley View students are eligible to ride the bus to school as long as they abide by the bus rules. The rules are designed to ensure the safety of all students who ride the bus, and you are encouraged to stress the importance of following these rules with your child. Requests to change buses will be granted only in the event of an emergency. Students may not transfer buses to visit a friend, attend practices or meetings, or for other social reasons. The bus rules are designed to ensure the safety of all students who ride the bus. If you have any questions regarding bus transportation, Please call the Antelope Valley Schools Transportation Agency at (661) 945- 3261.

Riding Bicycles

A student must be in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade to ride a bike to school unless a parent accompanies them both ways. They must park and lock the bike in the bike rack that is located near the west gate. Bicycles may not be ridden on school grounds. The law states that anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Students riding their bikes to and from school must wear bicycle helmets or parents will be called and asked to pick up the student and their bike.

Skateboards, scooters, or any other kind of skates may not be used for transportation to and from school and are not permitted on campus.