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MAY & JUNE 2018


All students MUST be at school.

May 28-School Closed for Memorial Day

Benchmarks for May:

Students need to reach 100% progress by May 29.

PE Sheets are due on the following dates:

May 11th and 25th. These count towards the student’s PE grade.

School Spirit Days

All students may participate in School Spirit Days. Please remember that all students must adhere to the Westside Union School District dress code.

May 11-School Spirit Day FREE DRESS

May 25-School Spirit Day HAWAIIAN DAY

Promotion Activities

Graduation Dance June 4th 6-8 pm @ JOE WALKER

Promotion Practice June 4th and 5th

All 8th grade students report to PM class June 4&5

All 6th and 7th graders report to AM class June 4, 5, 6,7

8th Grade Promotion JUNE 6 JW gym Doors open at 1:00 p.m.

Current Benchmark Completion Rates

Colored Meter/Gauge

All students should check to make sure they have done ALL assignments in each lesson. They can do this by clicking on the "OVERDUE" section of the progress area on the top, front page of Language Arts. Once that is clicked, it will give students a listing of all folders and the assignments that are included. If you click on Unit 1 and Unit 2, there will be a green checkmark next to the items that are complete. If there is no checkmark, it means the student skipped that assignment. Students should make sure that ALL assignments in a unit have a green checkmark before moving on to the next unit. You can also see completion rates on the weekly progress reports that are emailed home. Remember that students should be continuing to work on their lessons from home. They should pick up where they left off at school. The website URL is


1-12 6%
1-19 12%
1-26 18%
2-2 24%
2-9 30%
2-16 36%
2-23 42%
3-2 48%
3-9 54%
3-16 60%
4-6 66%
4-13 72%
4-20 78%
4-27 84%
5-4 90%
5-11 Test Week
5-18 96%
5-29 100%



Students and parents can find completion information in the weekly information that is emailed from PEAK as well as on the home page of the student's class (look at the progress bar). Remember that students should be continuing to work on their lessons from home. Students should make sure that all assignments have a green check mark before moving to the next assignment.


School Lunches

Get in the game with school lunch

Remember that the meal applications on file from last year only carry over for the first month of school. This gives time for you to submit your application and get it approved.

Those families who do not turn in an application for the 17-18 school year will be removed from the meal program. Parents are responsible for any fees incurred for lunches after the approval expires, so be sure and turn in your application as soon as possible!

You can apply for the meal program online at You can find out more about pre-paying for your child's meals at


P.E. at Westside Academy

PE letters with sports equipment

Students are responsible for completing 400 minutes of physical activity every two weeks. This includes students who are on home study. This averages out to 40 minutes per school day. Students are responsible for filling out and returning their P.E. verification log every two weeks. These logs are available in class, or students can download the form by CLICKING HERE. Each log is worth 10 points and counts towards the PE grade.




MAY 7-11

Our students will be taking the state tests May 7-11. It is very important that your child be in attendance EVERY DAY during this week in May.

Westside Academy is Open for new Students

Open Enrollment Apply for Westside Academy

We currently have spots available at Westside Academy. Remember that we fill up early in the year, so enroll now to ensure your space!




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8th Grade Graduation
Joe Walker MS Gymnasium
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